Last Updated: August 12, 2021

MCAT Test Dates for 2021

MCAT is a standardized test taken by aspiring medical students. This is a computer-based test with 4 sections that overlap with each other but remain distinct. The sections present in the test are Verbal Reasoning, Physical Science, Biological Science, and Writing Section. The entire test is held within a duration of 7 hours and 33 minutes. It is conducted either at 7.30 am or at 3.00 pm on the scheduled dates.

The test is conducted multiple times in a year usually during the months of January, March, May, June, August, and September. The test dates for every year are listed out in the form of a calendar on the official website along with the score release dates. The MCAT scores of the candidates will be released by 5.00 pm on the declared date.

MCAT 2021 Test Date List

The test dates for the year 2021 have been provided below-
Test DateScore Release
January 25,2021February 9,2021
March 13,2021April 13,2021
March 26,2021April 27,2021
April 10,2021May 11,2021
April 23,2021May 25,2021
April 30,2021June 1,2021
May 1,2021June 1,2021
May 14,2021June 15,2021
May 15,2021June 15,2021
May 20,2021June 22,2021
May 28,2021June 29,2021
June 4,2021July 7,2021
June 18,2021July 20,2021
June 19,2021July 20,2021
June 26,2021July 27,2021
June 30,2021July 30,2021
July 17,2021August 17,2021
July 22,2021August 24,2021
July 30,2021August 31,2021
August 7,2021September 8,2021
August 13,2021September 14,2021
August 21,2021September 21,2021
August 26,2021September 28,2021
August 27,2021September 28,2021
September 2,2021October 5,2021
September 3,2021October 5,2021
September 10,2021October 12,2021
September 11,2021October 12,2021

Rescheduling/Canceling MCAT Test Date

Candidates who wish to reschedule their test date will be able to do so without any additional costs for the time being. They can do so online through the MCAT Registration System by logging in or by phone at 202-828-0600. If the candidate wishes to cancel the scheduled examination, they will have to provide a legitimate reason for the same.

If the candidate is canceling due to COVID -19, they will be able to file an Emergency Refund Request which will let them receive part of the fee.

Retaking the MCAT

The MCAT test is a turning point in the lives of most medical students. Due to the importance of receiving a high score in the exam, in order to receive admission at top medical colleges, candidates often take and retake the test before applying for admission. Candidates will be able to attempt MCAT only 7 times in their lifetime.

Other conditions for retaking the test are that candidates will not be able to retake the test more than 3 times in a year. In a 2-year time span, candidates will be able to take the test only a maximum of 4 times. This is to refrain the candidates from taking the test month after month without benefiting from the practice.