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Last Updated: October 25, 2023

MCAT Registration

The MCAT examination is conducted by the AAMC as a standardized test for medical schools to provide admission to aspirants. The exam has an interdisciplinary approach with 4 sections and it is conducted with a time duration of 7 hours and 30 minutes including the breaks. The exam is offered by AAMC multiple times a year in their test centers throughout the world.

Registering for the MCAT has to be done meticulously since every detail the candidate enters must be true to the word as it cannot be changed and they might not be able to correct it eventually. It should be noted that the candidate may take the exam a total of only seven times in their lifetime and that entering incorrect information during registration can make them lose one of their chances.

Eligibility for Registering for MCAT

The only eligibility criterion for registering for the exam is that the student must be preparing to attend a health professions program. They should also not be enrolled in a health professions program at the time of registration. The programs they are going to apply to with their MCAT scores can be

Obtaining Special Permission to take MCAT

Students who are not going to apply for admission to a medical school must request Special Permission through their registration portal. The eligibility requirements for requesting special permission are as follows-

The candidate must have an AAMC ID with the Personal Information section completed in order to apply for the Special Permission. Students who have not taken the Special Permission will not be allowed to take the test under any circumstance. It will be considered as a Registration and Scheduling Violation.

Eligibility Requirements for International Examinees

International students do not have any additional requirements to apply for MCAT. Students who are pursuing their bachelor of medicine or bachelor of surgery program or hold an MBBS degree are allowed to register for the examination as long as they are going to attend a health professional program. They are not required to apply for Special Permission.

MCAT Registration Process

Identification Document Requirements

The identification document provided by the candidate must have the following information on it-
The documents that are accepted and generally recommended as identification documents are the State Driver’s License and Passport. Cross-check whether the above criteria are fulfilled in these two recommended documents before submitting them.

Registration Violations

Violating the conditions placed by AAMC can result in the candidate losing one of their attempts at taking the MCAT. They might even be banned from taking the examination for a particular period of time considering the violation that has been made. The violations listed that ought to be avoided during registration are-

Depending upon the seriousness of the violation made by the candidate, AAMC will have the right to punish the candidate accordingly, sometimes even not letting the candidate attempt the MCAT again.

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