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Last Updated: October 29, 2023

MCAT Test Day

The MCAT examination is conducted by AAMC in order to have a standardized test that can assess the abilities of examinees equally upon the same grounds. They do this by providing an interdisciplinary approach to the test along with a fair, consistent, and secure testing condition for all the test-takers.

Due to the importance of the test in securing admission to any medical school in the U.S., the rules and regulations from the time of registration to the procedures to follow on test day. The necessary information

Reaching the Test Center

What is a No-Show in MCAT?

Candidates are marked as No-Shows when they do not show up on the test date in the test center. This is applicable to students who arrive late for the examination and are not allowed to sit the test. It is also applicable to students who are not admitted for the test due to improper identification or other policy violations. Being marked as a No-Show will not be reported to the schools and universities that had been applied to the student.

Failing to attend the examination under any circumstance will be counted toward the number of attempts the candidate has to take the exam. These students will not be granted a refund.

What is the Check-In Process for MCAT?

Test takers are admitted to the testing room when they arrive at the test center and seated in their respective seats one at a time by the Administrator. This is done through the following steps which may vary in the order in which it is done by the center. The procedure is as follows-

Storing Personal Belongings

All personal belongings brought to the test center by the candidate have to be stored away in the sealed bags provided by the test center. These bags should remain sealed until the end of the examination. The seal of the bags will be broken by the Administrator at the end of the examination. Students with special needs may request prior permission to keep necessary items during the test.

Items that can be brought to the test center

Items provided by the test center

What is a Test-Day Certification Statement in MCAT?

The MCAT exam can only be taken by students who are planning to be admitted to a medical school. Due to this, the students are required to certify the same by agreeing to the terms mentioned on the Test-Day Certification page.

This is also an agreement that states the penalty for not following the rules and regulations mentioned along with confirmation that the student has not given or received information regarding the questions that can appear on that particular test.

Decorum in Testing Room

What to do in the Optional Break?

There will be 3 optional breaks provided in all during the test out of which 2 are 10-minute breaks and the 3rd one is a 30-minute break. Students must take note that if they take untimed breaks the testing time will be running and they will lose precious time. Students will not be permitted to wear a watch to keep track of time so they should make use of the clocks in the room or enquire the same to the instructors in the test center. It is understood that the student will keep track of the time during breaks.

Scoring/Voiding the Exam

Upon the completion of the test, students have the option of scoring or voiding the test depending on how the student has performed. It is recommended that students don’t void their test since they only have a limited number of attempts in all.

Issues Stopping the Candidate from Finishing their Exam

It is recommended that the candidate files a Test Center Concern if workstation failures, power outages, or other test-day problems prevent the candidate from finishing their exam.

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