Top 10 books for MCAT prep

You can become a medical student by clearing MCAT Exam with the help of following top 10 MCAT preparation books:

MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2019-2020 by Kaplan

This set of books will help you overcome the challenge of passing MCAT Exam. The books and their content are designed and compiled by the experts of the field, Kaplan. 350 questions in each of these books in addition to numerous online practice questions prepare you comprehensively to appear for MCAT. Charts, diagrams, graphs and other colored and 3-D illustrations focus on important information that can be easily and quickly understood in visual form. All the topics mostly tested by AAMC are covered in all the books in this set. Experienced medical doctors, Kaplan instructors, and skillful editors collectively made sure to systematically groom you in every subject. Three online realistic practice tests give you a clear idea of the actual format of the test.

MCAT Prep Books 2019-2020: MCAT Secrets Study Guide 2019 & 2020 and MCAT Practice Test Questions

This is your key to earn success in a MCAT examination. Besides hosting MCAT practice test questions with answers, this book gives you a fair idea of key areas of real MCAT test. This book gives you chance to strengthen your Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences, Physical Science and Vocabulary required for appearing in MCAT. With this book, in addition to practicing concepts with the specific and detailed knowledge, you can master various procedures and principles required for clearing MCAT Exam. Furthermore, this book prepares you exceptionally for MCAT exam because it gives you scores of test questions. Above all this is the only book that features embedded video codes for a video tutorial portal naming Mometrix Academy.

MCAT Prep 2018-2019: Test Prep & Practice Test Questions for the Medical College Admission Test

This is the cheapest MCAT book available out there and the best reference book. If your goal is to score passing grades in the test, then this is your go to book. There are several questions covering all of the topics in the MCAT test and a detailed explanation with the answers. Latest test taking strategies are explained to complete the test in the allotted time and avoid the common errors made by most of the students. This book doesn't provide in-depth practice required to ace the test but a good resource to start prep with.

The Princeton Review - MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review, 2nd Edition

Subject explanation, end of chapter drills, hundreds of problems, MCAT style practice passages and 3 full length online practice tests; contained in this book help you elevate your MCAT score. This book gives special focus to master MCAT CARS section.

Barron's MCAT

The leaders in all types of test preparation do not lag behind in offering valuable content for MCAT preparation too. This book contains full-length diagnostic test and two full-length model MCAT tests along with answers. This book exclusively offers subject reviews in all four sections of MCAT followed by practice questions. Additionally, here is a guide to test taking strategies. This book is available in print form and e-book form.

MCAT Verbal Practice - By Next Step Test Prep

This is another book that lays emphasis on preparing you thoroughly for CARS section. Polish your critical analysis and reasoning skills with this book. You will also get access to online MCAT diagnostic test with this book. Next Step also offers MCAT Science Q book, MCAT Biology, and Biochemistry and MCAT CARS Strategy and Practice book for in-depth preparation of subjects and mastering test taking strategies.

The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, Fifth edition

This book is also available in printed as well as e-book format. The developers of MCAT exam have written 120 practice questions with solutions to guide you about the MCAT examination. Here, you come to know how to give scores to 30 questions in each of the four sections of MCAT exam besides getting valuable tips for preparing for MCAT.

Examkrackers MCAT Study Package

Comes in a set of 6 volumes, this set covers Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research and Math; Biology 1 Molecules: Biochemistry; Biology 2 Systems; Psychology & Sociology; Chemistry: General and Organic Chemistry; Physics. This set is an ultimate guide to cracking the MCAT. The book guides you through all the topics. There are notes all over telling you how you would typically approach a question but how you should actually approach it. Apart from the MCAT exam prep tests, there are mini exams at the end of each chapter to make sure you have grasped the chapter properly. This book gives you a chance to stand out of the rest.

Sterling Test Prep MCAT (Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry Practice Questions; Biology & Biochemistry Review)

While listing top MCAT books, one cannot miss mentioning the name Sterling. Its various books explain concepts of General Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Psychology, and Sociology. All the books cover all these subjects in detail to impart every bit of knowledge to help you achieve your career goals. Talking about this book particularly, it gives a thorough review of General Chemistry topics that are usually tested or expected to be tested in MCAT Exam. It also explains numerous principles and theories covering topics like chemical bonding, states of matter, solution chemistry and many others on the list.

Barron's New MCAT

is fully revised in 2014 for MCAT Exams. It's 4 full-length practice tests including 2 on CD Rom along with detailed subject reviews and following practice questions are capable of taking you to new heights in your upcoming MCAT Exam. You can prepare for MCAT by preparing from multiple books mentioned above. Remember practice makes a man perfect. You are likely to increase probability of your success by practicing from one or more above mentioned books.