PTE Academic Test

If you are willing to study abroad and are looking to taking an English language test, you would need to know about various English language tests and other related requirements. Here are few important things in store for you concerning

PTE Academic Test

What is PTE Academic Test?
The Pearson Test of English Academic is an English language test similar to IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. It is taken by students willing to study abroad but are non-native English speakers. This test evaluates their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and marks them accordingly.

Why take PTE?

Clearing this test implies that the candidate has command over all four aspects of English and he or she can conveniently study and live in a region with English as a native language. Thus, a good score in PTE academic helps a candidate to take admission in their choice of universities anywhere in the world as this test has global recognition. Academic institution in top study destinations like USA, UK, Australia, etc. also accepts this test and its score for giving admissions to international students. As a matter of fact, taking this or a similar English language test is mandatory to seek admission in an educational institution abroad, especially for non-native English speakers. If you are looking forward to going abroad for higher education and you have made up your mind for taking PTE, undoubtedly you would want to know more about it like eligibility, clearing criteria, the process of applying, fees, preparation guide, etc. Here, you will find a solution to all your doubts at one place.

Eligibility for PTE

There are no particular eligibility criteria for taking PTE, but a student must keep in mind following things before taking PTE 2017 A PTE eligibility criterion is different from eligibility criterion of an educational institution in which you are hoping to seek admission. Only clearing PTE will not fetch you admission there, so carefully read the institution’s admission eligibility criteria separately.

Process of taking PTE

If a candidate is interested in taking PTE, then he or she must create an account on Pearson website as a first step. Within 24 hours of creating an account, he/she will receive login id and password on registered email id, by logging on to which you will have to schedule your test date. You can choose your test date out of the dates available on the official website. Since there is not set date, you can enjoy flexibility with PTE. You will have to pay a test fee of around 150$ to 210$, varying according to the country. After choosing the date of PTE, it is time for preparing dexterously for the test.

Preparing for PTE

Preparing for appearing in PTE and clearing it can be done by studying resources widely available online. You can also refer to international level libraries in near vicinity, or you may also join a coaching institute. Those who believe in self-study can also clear the test easily, provided they study rigorously from ample study material available online for PTE. A good practice through numerous sample papers and mock tests increase your probability of clearing PTE. Most of this study material is available for free. However, paid study material can also be found online. For a good preparation, you must be aware of the pattern that is followed in PTE exam. This will help you to work out your strengths and weaknesses, and you can focus accordingly on all sections.

Exam Pattern in PTE Academic

This 3-hour test is conducted on same day. Needless to mention, this is an online test which is taken via computer, headset and other peripherals; under a secure environment. Here four skills viz. reading, writing, speaking, and listening are tested. Speaking and writing are tested together. The questions are asked across 20 formats and include different types of questions, i.e., multiple choice, essay writing, comprehension (interpreting information), etc. In this test, the candidate’s voice is recorded and sent for marking. The candidate does not spend more time in curiosity for the result; it is out quickly in 5 days.

Clearing Criteria for PTE

There is no particular clearing criterion for PTE. It depends on the university / educational institution, you are applying for, that what PTE score is acceptable to them for admission. Thus, you must carefully check this with your desired university before taking PTE. Usually, a score of 65 overall is required for applying to various universities and educational institutions. A minimum score in each section of PTE is also demanded by educational institutions, starting score for the purpose is 35 in each section (and no limit to above range). However, this requirement of the minimum score in each section also differs from one institution to another. Thus, it is vital to find the expected PTE score by the university / educational institution, before applying for it.

Benefits of taking PTE over other similar tests

PTE gives quicker results than other tests that test English language proficiency. The result is out as fast as within five days. So it is good for students who are short of time for seeking admission in a university abroad. Moreover, this test focuses more on day to day English skills rather than higher level English skills, which not only makes this test easier than others but also it prepares the candidate more for day to day life in a foreign city that will be coming ahead after taking admission in a foreign educational institution.

A good homework gives good results. So above information will guide you well for taking PTE and clearing it. Wishing you luck for your upcoming PTE.

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