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PTE Exam

If you are planning to study abroad, chances are you would need to know English well. Most universities abroad insist on either the TOEFL or IELTS. It helps universities know just how much comfortable you're with the language. The other new alternative that many people choose is the PTE exam that tests your English level proficiency as well. If you're looking for a job abroad, you would probably need to take the PTE test.

Why is the PTE Test Relevant?

Unless you have the right skills of reading, writing, and interpreting the language, your success might be at stake. Having said that, testing for your skills is crucial and, that's exactly where the PTE exam comes into play. PTE or the Pearson Test of English is the PTE Academic Test, which is the most popular English test, the results of which are accepted globally across educational institutions. It is also one of those exams that your employer might ask you for if you're going to work in a different country.

Why PTE Academic?

If you want to test your English skills rightly, PTE Academic is the best test that you can take up. Moreover, the results are fast with this test. The test dates are flexible, with tests taking place throughout the year. Hence, you can choose any of your preferred dates to give the test, at your complete convenience. The test is held in more than 200 locations across the globe.
Also, because the test results are approved by major countries and their educational institutions, PTE Academic is one of the most reliable for your English tests.
The test results can also be used for your visa application purposes.
Key Features of the Test
The test is reliable and unique because of the following key features:

Components of the Test

PTE Academic is a multi-level test that mainly examines your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English. The test is computerized and targets all those who are non-native in English speaking. The complete test is conducted in a 3-hour session. Two skills such as reading and listening, or speaking and reading are often tested simultaneously. The test is conducted through a computer and in a secure environment. For instance, for your speaking test, your voice is recorded and used for testing.
While the charges for the test may vary depending on the country to country, however, it ranges between $150 and $210.

Booking for the Test

Just two steps need to be completed before you can take the PTE.

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