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Good Engineering programs which are not in top 50

Universities ranked under top 30 are well known and can be found easily. The major problem arises in the selection of middle order Universities. Searching Universities ranked after 50 is requires some research. Here some top and middle order programs are rated.

University Placements Scholarships/Comments
Oregon State University Excellent (EE/CS) Good for EE. Good Research opportunities. Good Location around semiconductor companies in Oregon.
University of Cincinnati Good Good aid Scene. Most MS students are supported
Missouri University of Science and Technology Good for ME/EE Good
Louisiana State University Good Good. Good Climate (warm)
Washington State University Good Good aid scene. Many Assistantships. Costly city Seattle.
University of Texas at Dallas Good Dim. Also P/T jobs are rare. But excellent location and Tuition fees is very less.
Northeastern University Good Good
Texas Tech University Fair Good. Cheap University.
West Virginia University Good (for ME) Cheap. Good in aid. Good for Mech. Engg.
Wayne State University Fair. Good for Mechanical Engineers/Industrial Engineering. Cheap.
NJIT Good Aid is rare. Costly city but good location.
Portland State University Fair Cheap. Good VLSI program.
Clemson University Fair Cheap. Good for Chemical Engineering.

Engineering Resources

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Stanford University

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