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As you must be aware, Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) formerly known as Scholastic Aptitude Test is a standardized test to be taken on individual subjects for seeking admissions in United States Colleges. So you must clear it with a good score to take admission in your choice of college. Remember competition is tough, but you can achieve success if you try for it dexterously. Studying for SAT may be hard for few but not for those who start their preparations in time and do enough practice under right guidance. To help students planning to appear for SAT, here we have listed few popular and dependable SAT preparation books that students could refer to rigorous practice chiefly in Maths along with other subjects. A good deal of the content of these books is useful for College Board examinations.

Kaplan Math Workbook for the New SAT

Kaplan, the established name since more than 75 years does not need an introduction. The book covers maths concepts like Algebra, Advanced Trigonometry, etc. over more than 250 practice questions. Everything is explained well by experts in 16 Comprehensive Math Practice Sets. The book has been skilfully designed to describe the concepts, giving their regular and in-depth practice with a key focus on increasing your speed and accuracy. The methodology pronounced here not only improves your Math Score but also helps you to adapt apt techniques to quickly attempt various types of questions viz. Multiple Choice, Grid-In, etc. If you aim to get admission in your choice of college, this is the right practice book for you.

Barron's Math Workbook for the NEW SAT

While talking of SAT exam preparation books, one cannot miss mentioning Barron's. Standing towards front amongst the leaders of various exam preparation books, Barron’s has made its mark everywhere. It offers wide curriculum in its books in the form of hundreds of questions. Barron's Math Workbook for the NEW SAT comprises of a sufficient number of questions along with detailed explanation of concepts and answers. The mock test papers planned here prepare students thoroughly with all aspects of maths curriculum including logarithm, data analysis, coordinates, exponential, rational functions, etc. Evaluate yourself with its model tests and prepare accordingly to succeed in upcoming SAT exam.

Cracking the SAT Premium (The Princeton Review) - 2018

It is a perfect preparation tool that will prepare you completely for the SAT exam. Every section viz. maths, reading, and writing are handled with equally good care. The four full-length exams given in this book give you mock tests and let you know where you are standing. Furthermore, it allows you to take three more full-length exams online. This will help you work out that to reach your goal how much more practice you would need regarding subject knowledge, strategies, speed, and other required aspects. This book will give you insight into examiner’s state of mind and what he expects from you. The book probably showcases everything a student would need to know to secure a praise-worthy score.

The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition, by College Board

This book could be termed as one of the amazing collection that rules out all the chances of wandering here and there in search of the right guide to clear SAT with a good score. Eight official SAT practice tests, with answers and explanation, printed only and only in this book, prepare you proficiently to pass through every thick and thin. You get a fairly good idea of the actual SAT exam after practicing official tests given in this book. You are likely to increase the probability of your success by practicing more and more. This book gives you a chance to explore not only your inner capabilities but also the extent of exam’s curriculum. This book imprints the latest information unlike elsewhere. The contents of this book are also available on their website for free.

SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published

This, one of the most expensive books out there, is written by Mike Barrett and Patrick Barrett. It is one of it's kind and is a best seller on Amazon. This book has a proven track record of raising the student's SAT score if given proper time and focus. The questions not only have a detailed explanation, they are worded and presented in exactly the same manner you would see them in a SAT test. All this book asks you to do is to be sincere while using it.

Accepted, Inc.'s SAT II Math Level 1 Study GuideB

The book features numerable practice questions covering vast mathematics syllabus including Numbers and Operations, Probability, Statistics, Geometry, etc. 2 full lengths SATs indicates you the intensity of the real SAT. This book focuses more on relevant study material to facilitate effective study time without wasting efforts on unwanted or useless stuff. The expert team of the book writers shares significant tips in this book only to take you to new heights. In addition to being economical, this popular book offers a worthy curriculum covering other subjects too in addition to mathematics.

The College Panda's SAT Math: Advanced Guide and Workbook for the New SAT

As the name suggests, this book is an advanced guide suitable for students who already have the basic concepts down. It is great for advanced practice. The book not only has detailed explanations to the questions, but it also mentions the common mistakes that students normally make. It is a great reference book that can be used as a refresher. As it's a first edition, suffice it to say that the book needs some edits but nevertheless for a better score seeking student, it's a great and moderately priced resource.

28 New SAT Math Lessons to Improve Your Score in One Month - Advanced Course: For Students Currently Scoring Above 600 in SAT Math and Want to Score 800

The name says it all and the reviews say the rest. This book is for advanced students to improve their SAT score and it kids you not. The questions are next level. It states with confidence that you can improve your score within a month and means it. There are more than 300 SAT math problems with explanations and most of the questions are Level 4 and 5.

New SAT Math Practice Book

As the name suggests, the book has bulk SAT Math practice questions. These advanced practice questions prepare you for upcoming SAT exam unlike ever before. If you want to appear the exam confidently, this is the right preparation aid for you. Its powerful question bank prepares you for any unseen question. Take yourself few levels up after going through this book.

All books mentioned above are easily available with online stores, established books stores and in libraries too. A combination of two-three books may not be easy to practice but it can broaden your perspective and will pave the way for your success. Merely bringing books to your home and studying once in a while will not help. A fixed study routine, deftness, and dedication are the magic rules to achieve success. Work hard for now, and you will be able to reap its benefits lifelong. Admission in a college of your choice will secure your career by offering you a premium quality education in addition to grooming you as a professional. Sincere practice for the SAT exam will certainly be paid off.

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