Top 10 SAT Exam Classes

Thinking of giving a SAT exam? SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is a test that every student who wants to study in a U.S. university wants to give. Consisting of multiple choice questions and different divisions including Mathematics, Logical Reasons and English Comprehension, SAT tests a student's mental acumen. The results are on a percentile basis, so you know how well you have fared over your competitors rather than a percentage basis. Currently, SAT consist of 2400 points and if you score above 2300, chances are you might get a good scholarship and entry into the Ivy League itself!

What do you need to know about the SAT Exam?

In a standard SAT exam, Verbal, Mathematical and Writing skills are the three major measures. This test intends to gauge the potential of the undergrad students to apply for the advanced studies. This test score is generally marked out of a total of 2400. There are two sub parts of the SAT exam and US based college boards consider the SAT scores with great importance and is the key to entrance to the top universities in the US.

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