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Last Updated: November 24, 2023

Top SAT Prep Classes

Thinking of giving a SAT exam? SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is a test that students who want to study in a U.S. university have to give. Consisting of multiple-choice questions and different divisions including Mathematics, Evidence-based Reading, and Writing and Language, SATs a student's mental acumen. The results are on a percentile basis which lets candidates know how well they have fared over their competitors rather than on a percentage basis. Currently, the SAT consists of 1600 points, and if a candidate scores above 1200, chances are they might get a good scholarship and entry into the Ivy League itself!

General Information on SAT

In a standard SAT exam, Reading, Mathematical, and Writing skills are the three major sections. This test intends to assess the potential of high school students to apply for advanced studies. The test score is generally marked out of a total of 1,600. There are two subparts of the SAT exam and US-based college boards consider the SAT scores with great importance and are the key to entrance to the top universities in the US.

Preparing for SAT is always about obtaining the right materials and the right mentor to guide one through the exam. In some cases, the right prep books can even eliminate the need for a tutor since they walk the candidate through the key concepts eventually enabling them to tutor themselves and crack the exam. Since the exam is fully based on high-school syllabi one might imagine that an external tutor is not essentially required. But this is subject to the understanding the candidate has gained from school. If a candidate feels that they have not been able to grasp the entirety of what has been taught at school and that they need external help, there are online preparation classes along with other places offering to tutor.

Popular SAT Online Courses

Khan Academy

In order to enable students to learn at their own pace both inside and outside of the classroom, Khan Academy provides practice questions, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. The organization's main goal is to assist students in developing solid foundations and mastery of skills.

There aren't many courses available for the Digital SAT. However, as the partner, Khan Academy provides official Digital SAT preparation at no cost. The Academy provides basic, intermediate, and advanced preparation materials for the math and reading sections. For further information, students are advised to visit the Khan Academywebsite.

The Princeton Review SAT Prep

The Princeton Review SAT Prep offers different types of courses that suit one’s academic needs and budget. Their most popular course is Digital SAT 1400+ where they guarantee a score above 1,400 for a charge of $1,699. They have other courses like “Essentials” that cover just the key concepts for $5499, “SAT 1500+ Tutoring” for $265/hour, “Private Tutoring” for $131/hour, and more.

Most of these courses are for a year with proctored tests and other prep options. Choosing them opens up their online materials which are best in the line and offers even a money-back guarantee. Candidates can find more information regarding the SAT prep courses and their fee structure on Princeton Review SAT Prep.

Kaplan SAT Prep

They claim to be a best-in-class partner for SAT prep with online courses taught by the best test experts. They mainly offer 2 kinds of courses which are “On Demand” and “Live Online”. It costs $175 and $560 respectively for these courses. The live learning course lets candidates participate in real-time using interactive learning with teachers who know how to maximize student engagement and achieve higher scores. They also offer unlimited prep in which candidates can schedule classes at any time they need. Candidates can find more about their courses and system of teaching through their website Kaplan SAT. There is also an option of trying a free class which helps one understand if this method of study is what they need.

Additional courses that they provide are the $1,400 SAT Tutoring+Live Online course, the $560 SAT Bootcamp, and the $1,400 Unlimited Prep course.

Cambridge Coaching

They provide candidates with comprehensive coverage of all important content included in the SAT. This includes a verbal regimen and different proctored practice tests using official tests that have been released. They have a 16-session syllabus and 4 different packages one can choose from. Their packages include an hourly rate, a first-time package, a comprehensive package, and a planning ahead package. Each of these packages is for 4.5, 24, and 30 hours respectively. These 4 packages have 4 different levels that vary according to payment and get tailor-made the higher up one goes in the price lane.

At the end of the course, the students will be able to familiarize themselves with the format of the exam, score better than the other competitors through the full-length official practice tests, and determine when to appear for the test. For detailed fee structure, students can click here.


HSA is a non-profit tutoring service by the Harvard student agencies offering one of the best SAT tutoring packages to score better than the other competitors. They offer SAT/ACT Test Prep as both private tutoring and group classes. The private tutoring in SAT Test Prep is called Crimson Coaching and costs $80-$135/hr. The group sessions span five weeks until the test date with four-hour sessions each.

They have other modes titled SAT/ACT Private tutoring which starts from $450 for 5 hours. This used to be available in person but has been turned into a complete online course due to the pandemic. Reviews from successful students reveal that they have succeeded considerably through the six-week curriculum. Through the website for HSA, students can enroll in the courses.

Penn State Abington

This is a reliable institution offering high school students SAT exam preparation guidance. The tutors help to guide them for the math and verbal portions of the SAT exam and the questions and answers of the test components. They have the latest information about the current format of the SAT exam and the regular test-taking techniques and strategies that help to improve the students.

The course spans over 7 weeks on Thursdays. They conduct this from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM for students from 9th to 12th-grade levels. Since the course is online, it is conducted through Zoom and hence students are required to have a computer. $286 is the general tuition fee for the students who register for both math and verbal reasoning. Go through Penn State Abington - SAT for the latest details on the fee structure.


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