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Last Updated: August 16, 2022

Top SAT Prep Books

SAT is a test most students in the United States and those seeking admission in the US must take. As a standardized test indicating the readiness of students' success at the university level, SAT (sometimes in conjunction with the subject-specific competitor the ACT) is a required focus of entry to most universities. The acronym which originally stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test, and later Scholastic Assessment Test, has since lost its meaning. During this nearly four-hour exam, students are tested on questions in three sections: Mathematics, Reading, and Writing and Language. Each of the books listed below offers a comprehensive and strategic plan for preparing for SAT.

Preparing for SAT

List of Best SAT Prep Books

The Official SAT Study Guide-2020$37.99
  • Practice Tests
  • Questions
  • Practice Essay
  • Real SAT Tests
Barron’s SAT Premium Study Guide 2021-2022$31.49
  • Practice Tests
  • Flashcards
  • Subject Reviews
SAT Prep Black Book-2nd Edition$27.17
  • Practice Tests
  • Subject Reviews
  • 600+ Questions
The Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep-2021$31.90
  • Subject Reviews
  • Practice Tests
  • Strategies
  • Quizzes + Writing Exercises
The Princeton Review-10 Practice Tests for SAT 2021$22.49
  • Assessment Tests
  • Practice Tests
  • Subject Reviews
  • Detailed Explanations

#1 The Official SAT Study Guide-2020 Edition


This prep book offers overwhelming content for SAT prep and is a direct source for practice questions. It provides candidates with all the information necessary for the test. It allows them to choose to learn the concepts and then face the problems or do the practice tests and then go back to learning concepts they are weak in.

The questions provided here are specifically targeted at each question type in the SAT exam thereby making it the perfect choice for tutoring oneself for the exam. Reviewers state that the best way to use the book is to use the sections from the practice test. These sections can initially be taken in an untimed manner so that one can focus on learning and then be timed when thorough with the concepts. Trying to analyze one’s mistake without seeing the correct answer develops perception and eventually helps stimulate critical thinking that helps in increasing the general SAT score.


#2 Barron's SAT Premium Study Guide 2021-2022


This book is majorly sought out by tutors and parents who help students crack SAT. The book is said to be very organized and even includes a vocabulary section that will aid candidates in acing the Reading, Writing, and Language part of the paper. This book, according to reviewers is enough if one cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a tutor.


#3 SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published-2nd Edition


Candidates who want to do the entire preparation process by themselves will find this book immensely helpful. Containing both subject sections and practice tests, it is the walkthroughs that help one understand SAT and SAT preparation better. The book will leave candidates confident to attend the examination even if they have used this book to prepare on short notice.

This book has been made not in a way that focuses on high school core content but with ideas and tricks that can help one crack the SAT brilliantly with less effort. Candidates can go through the original questions by downloading them from their website and reading the book and the official questions simultaneously.

Reviewers claim that this book is the ultimate go-to if candidates are self-disciplined and independent learners willing to put in the hours required for the preparation. The approaches in the book trace out ways in which they are getting the wrong answer and how the correct answer can be figured out from the SAT perspective. The former point is found to be lacking in most of the prep books available in the market making this a go-to book for beginners and pros alike.


#4 The Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep-2021 Edition


This book is for candidates who have been dealing with enough content-based books and require practice papers since it focuses more on questions than reiterating basic high school content. Candidates that require an extensive review of key concepts will find this book extremely useful. The 886 pages are full of subject reviews that require detailed study.

The comprehensive reviews dedicated to each section of the exam also include a hands-on experience with all question types. The online content that comes along with this book includes videos that teach about test-taking strategies and commonly tested topics. Along with this, candidates will get access to college and university rankings which will help them in calculating the target score necessary, college admissions advice, and financial aid tips.


#5 The Princeton Review: 10 Practice Tests for the SAT-2021


The book contains tests that are highly similar to that of the official SAT. The book excels in its approach to Mathematics and has realistic test questions. The reading comprehension passages and language sections are different from ones that can generally be found online and in a way seems to be of a higher difficulty level than the official test.

The motto that the publishers keep repeating is that "practice makes perfect" which is true when it comes to competitive assessment tests. The practice tests and their explanations cultivate a taste for a diagnostic approach that is generally used by tutors and other online agencies offering guidance. The book then is one of those assets that candidates can purchase when they are well versed with the content for the test and requires only additional practice before attending the examination.

This book has a 2022 edition published in the year 2021 but has reviewers claiming that the book is eerily similar to the 2018 edition making the older version a better investment.


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