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Last Updated: November 20, 2023

Top Digital SAT Prep Books - 2024

SAT is a test most students in the United States and those seeking admission in the US must take. As a standardized test indicating the readiness of students' success at the university level, SAT (sometimes in conjunction with the subject-specific competitor the ACT) is a required focus of entry to most universities. The acronym which originally stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test, and later Scholastic Assessment Test, has since lost its meaning. During this nearly four-hour exam, students are tested on questions in three sections: Mathematics, Reading, and Writing and Language. Each of the books listed below offers a comprehensive and strategic plan for preparing for SAT.

For US pupils, the Digital SAT will be given beginning in January 2024. The traditional pencil and paper will no longer be available. But this year, only the digital SAT was taken by international students. The College Board made it clear that the test will be administered in schools or testing centers, follow the same syllabus, and be graded on a 1600 scale. Students can take the new adaptive digital test on a laptop or tablet, as well as their own devices. It will be condensed to two hours.

Books are available now to help students get ready for the new digital SAT. Based on reviews, some of the best books are as follows:
The Official Digital SAT Study Guide$23.99
  • PSAT details
  • Practice tests
  • Practice questions
  • Detailed explanations
Princeton Review Digital SAT Premium Prep, 2024$21.78
  • Flashcards
  • Practice tests
  • Practice questions
Digital SAT Prep Plus 2024 (Kaplan Test Prep)$23.99
  • Real SAT like tests
  • Pre-tests
  • Practice questions
Digital SAT Study Guide Premium, 2024 (Barron's Test Prep)$20.99
  • Practice drills
  • practice questions
  • Practice tests
Digital SAT Prep 2024 For Dummies$26.02
  • Practice tests
  • Additional Math practice tests
  • Thorough explanation
Digital SAT Total Prep 2024 (Kaplan Test Prep)$46.99 (pre-order price)
  • Thorough explanations
  • Practice questions
  • Online resources

The Official Digital SAT Study Guide

Publication Date-August 29, 2023
A thorough resource for comprehending changes to the SAT in digital format is the Official Digital SAT Study Guide. Four official practice exams are included, all of which were made by the test creator. Practice exams are also freely available in the digital testing platform Bluebook as part of the College Board's commitment to accessibility. Still, the guide offers more than 300 pages of extra instruction, advice, and test information, making it the only source for print practice exams.

The DSAT is divided into two sections: one for math and one for reading and writing. There is an initial module with questions ranging widely in difficulty in each section. The computer computes the results from that module, and the results are used to decide which of the second modules the student should see. There are questions in one module that are easier and questions in another second module that are harder. The student's score for each section is derived from the sum of their performance in the first and second modules.

Although there are many original questions and drills in this book, which makes it useful for preparing for the digital SAT, some readers feel that the practice tests are useless because they can all be found on Bluebook.
Students can prepare for the digital SAT with the following resources from the Official Digital SAT Study Guide:

Princeton Review Digital SAT Premium Prep, 2024

Publication Date-July 18, 2023
This new guide from The Princeton Review is jam-packed with topic reviews, digital-specific strategies, and four full-length practice tests (three online and one in the book) to give students realistic digital preparation for the all-digital exam. Everything Students Need for a High Score is in the Book, a thorough review of all SAT subjects' content, practical experience with all question kinds, effective strategies to beat the test and avoid traps

The SAT will be administered online in 2024, with the addition of "section adaptivity," which will see questions become harder or easier based on past performance, among other changes. This book provides students with the in-depth guidance they require to ace the test, covering topics such as math, reading, and writing passages, updated strategies for the new question types, Guidelines for utilizing the new on-screen calculator, and realistic digital practice with the new on-screen test.

50 online flashcards with important reading, writing, and math topics, video lessons covering crucial testing strategies and topics, and the book's Premium Practice for SAT Excellence a longer instruction manual for the digital calculator video tutorials for resolving a significant number of in-book queries, Access to financial aid and application guidelines, school rankings, an Insider admissions guide, and study plans spanning four, eight, and twelve weeks
The following resources can help students prepare for the test:

Digital SAT Prep Plus 2024 (Kaplan Test Prep)

Publication Date-August 1, 2023
To prepare students for the digital SAT, Kaplan has completely redesigned Digital SAT Prep Plus 2024. With professional techniques, lucid explanations, and practical practiceâ€"including online testsâ€"this all-inclusive book will prepare students for the digital SAT. This comprehensive study guide includes lots of practice questions, an arrangement designed with input from students, and an online tool for creating personalized study schedules.

The book's Efficient Strategy offers tips and tactics from Kaplan's SAT experts to help students score higher on the Digital SAT. Additionally, an online study planner enables students to plan their preparation effectively regardless of the amount of time they have left before the test. Some readers find this book undesirable because it contains 325 pages of math and only 184 pages of writing. Still, reviews indicate that the book is very helpful.
Additional contents that the book offers are:

Digital SAT Study Guide Premium, 2024 (Barron's Test Prep)

Publication Date-August 1, 2023
With over 1800 practice questions, a thorough strategy guide for the new College Board Digital Adaptive Tests, and a thorough subject review, Barron's expert SAT authors and tutors have it all covered. The book contains an in-depth analysis of the new Digital SAT, including changes to the exam and what to anticipate from the digital interface on test day advice regarding test-taking strategies and college admission requirements, a comprehensive topic review including the updated sections of the test (mathematics and reading and writing), Each topic review section contains hundreds more practice questions. Advice and techniques from Barron's SAT specialist author throughout.

It includes 300 online practice drills organized by question type for focused review, a strategy guide for College Board Adaptive Tests + More Practice Online, grading to monitor students' progress in learning, digital calendar to monitor their study schedules. The book includes 4 comprehensive practice exams, 1 diagnostic test to evaluate students' abilities and help them focus their studies, and 1 print-adaptive test modeled after the Digital SAT. comprehensive methods for addressing each kind of question, and Extensive justifications for each practice test question and answer.

Numerous practice drills featuring all the new Digital SAT question types are included, along with Words-in-Context, Text Structure and Purpose, Cross-Text Connections, Central Ideas and Details, Command of Evidence: Textual, Command of Evidence: Quantitative, Inferences, Boundaries, Form, Structure, and Sense, Transitions, Rhetorical Synthesis, Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Advanced Math, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

Digital SAT Prep 2024 For Dummies

Publication Date-August 29, 2023
Students can take this test with confidence because Digital SAT Prep 2024 For Dummies provides them with all the practice they needâ€"four practice exams total, plus additional math practice. For students planning to take the SAT this year, Digital SAT Prep 2024 For Dummies is essential to ensure they perform exceptionally well.

This book, which has been updated to include all the information students require about the new digital format, takes them step-by-step through the SAT, preparing them for what to expect on test day. Inside are the answers to all of their inquiries. Students will enter the exam room prepared because of the adaptable study schedules included in this comprehensive Dummies preparation book.

The book will benefit students with extended practice tests and additional practice questions, students can become SAT pro, refresh their math knowledge, and increase their confidence in this much-feared test section, aiming for the highest score possible to propel their application to the top of the admissions committees' lists. Students become eligible for scholarships and maintain their options for further education.

Digital SAT Total Prep 2024 (Kaplan Test Prep)

Publication Date-December 5, 2023
On December 5, 2023, this book is scheduled for publication. For $46.99, students can pre-order the book. The book includes advice from Kaplan's SAT experts on how to score higher on the Digital SAT. It also includes "On Test Day" strategy notes in each math chapter to help students remember that the SAT math test is essentially a strategy test, as well as "Reflect" pages at the end of each chapter that assist students in assessing their level of comfort with the material and formulating a plan for getting better before the test. No matter how much time they have before the test, students can focus on their preparation with the aid of an online study planner. The book's 2025 edition will be accessible on June 4, 2024.

The book's content will comprise:

List of Best SAT Prep Books (Paper and Pencil SAT)

Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition$19.98
SAT Prep Black Book$21.35
Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep, 2023$34.19
The Princeton Review: 10 Practice Tests for the SAT-2023$20.49
SAT Math Prep (Kaplan Test Prep), 8th Edition$11.53

Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition

Publication Date-May 7, 2019
All of the official website's practice exams are available in print form only in The Official SAT Study Guide, which also includes more than 250 pages of extra advice, instruction, and test information. This edition takes the best-selling SAT guide and makes it even more relevant and useful with strategies and up-to-date information straight from the exam writers. Practice problems reflect the most recent information, and the guidance has been updated.

Students will be able to relate their academic performance to the SAT to understand how it works. They can view sample questions to get a feel for the test. With the eight practice questions in the book, students can get a feel for the test's pace and go over the comprehensive explanations of correct and incorrect responses.

Pros- Cons-

SAT Prep Black Book

Publication Date-July 1, 2019
Candidates who wish to prep themselves without enrolling in different online and offline courses for cracking the SAT exam will find this book the one-stop they will have to make. The book will leave one confident to attend the examination even if they have used only this book to prepare.

This book has been made not in a way that reviews high school subject concepts but with ideas and tricks that can help one crack the SAT brilliantly with less effort. Candidates can go through the original questions by downloading them from their website and reading the book and the official questions simultaneously.

Reviewers claim that this book is the ultimate go-to if the candidate is a self-disciplined and independent learner willing to put in the hours required for the preparation. The approaches in the book trace out ways in which the candidate is getting the wrong answer and how the correct answer can be figured out from an SAT perspective. The former point is found to be absent in most of the prep books available in the market making this a go-to book for beginners and pros alike.

Pros- Cons-

Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep, 2023

Publication Date-June 7, 2022
This book offers 9 full-length practice exams (4 in-book and 5 online), content reviews for every test section, strategies for achieving high scores, and access to premium online extras. It also offers realistic preparation options. This book is intended for students taking the "old" SAT with pencil and paper up until December 2023. Students planning to take the exam in 2024 should refer to Princeton Review's newest study guide, Digital SAT Premium Prep, 2024.

The book offers students access to premium online exclusive videos that teach SAT test-taking techniques and frequently tested subjects. It also provides rankings of colleges and universities, financial aid advice, and advice on college admissions. Study guides that span several weeks and a special "SAT Insider" section with tons of useful information on helping students choose the best school and write standout application essays.

Pros- Cons-

The Princeton Review: 10 Practice Tests for the SAT-2023

Publication Date-May 17, 2022
The book contains tests that are highly similar to that of the official SAT. The book excels in its approach to Mathematics and has realistic test questions. The reading comprehension passages and language sections are different from the ones that can generally be found online and in a way seem to be of a higher difficulty level than the official test.

The motto that the publishers keep repeating is that "practice makes perfect" which is true when it comes to competitive assessment tests. The practice tests and their explanations cultivate a taste for a diagnostic approach that is generally used by tutors and other online agencies offering guidance. The book then is one of those assets that candidates can purchase when they are well-versed with the content for the test and requires only additional practice before attending the examination.

This book has a 2022 edition published in the year 2021 but has reviewers claiming that the book is eerily similar to the 2018 edition making the older version a better investment.

Pros- Cons-

SAT Math Prep (Kaplan Test Prep), 8th Edition

Publication Date-August 2, 2020
The book helps students concentrate their studies on the most crucial math topics to improve their scores by going over every concept, from basic algebra to advanced trigonometry. This concentrated study guide offers comprehensive explanations of all math topics covered on the SAT in addition to practical score-boosting techniques and speed accuracy-boosting strategies from Kaplan's top math experts.

With more than 400 practice questions in the book and an online component, it promises a higher score or a refund. Each topic is covered in its chapter, and there are tests at the back. This book has incredibly thorough and well-organized explanations. There are engaging exercises to demonstrate understanding of the subjects covered.

Pros- Cons-

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