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The dreaded SAT is something most students in the United States, or those seeking admissions to the US colleges, must take. As a standardized test indicating readiness for students' success at the university level, the SAT (sometimes in conjunction with the subject-specific competitor the ACT) is a required for entry to most universities in the United States. The acronym which originally stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test, and later Scholastic Assessment Test, has since lost its meaning and stands alone as the acronym given to describe the important test. During this nearly four-hour exam, students are tested on questions in three sections: mathematics, critical reasoning, and writing. Each of the books listed below offers a comprehensive and strategic plan for preparing for the SAT.

1. Baron's SAT

A legend in the test preparation book industry, Baron's offers the most authoritative guide to the SAT. Claiming to be the only book you'll need to prepare for this important test, Baron's SAT is packed full of practice question, test taking strategies, and of course, like their slogan claims, they give you the answers, as each question is answered and explained with detail. This study guide includes a diagnostic test, five practice tests with questions and answers provided and explained, and plenty of test day tactics. In addition to the wealth of test preparation materials provided, this book also explains the test's scoring method and includes an extensive vocabulary review using 3,500 words that have most frequently appeared on the SAT.

2. Cracking the SAT

Although it may contain a few errors, this study guide by Princeton offers is a strong candidate to be your only test prep book for the SAT. Including everything you'll need to know to score highly in each of the four sections, this book offers lots of drills for practice, detailed explanations to show you exactly how the test works, and detailed reviews of all SAT topics, including essay-writing strategies and a grammar chapter. Additionally, this guide offer access to five practice exams. Princeton's famed "Hit Parade" of vocabulary covers the words which most frequently appear on past SATs. Not only is this book packed with practice questions, test concept review, and vocabulary, it also offers test-taking strategies and claims to shatter SAT myths to help you be confident on exam day.

3. The Official SAT Study Guide

This authoritative book put out by the College Board is the official guide to the exam and is created by the test-makers themselves. Containing a whopping ten practice tests (with three recent exams) made by the test maker, you know you're getting your money's worth with this one. Over 1,000 pages longs, The Official SAT Study Guide contains detailed descriptions of each of the three sections of the test and targeted practice questions to help you prepare. You'll be confident in your skills when you review using these practice essay questions with sample essays and annotations. Math concepts which are covered on the exam are reviewed and practiced in this guide. Finally, this guide boasts a few other test preparation necessities like test-taking strategies and suggestions, free online score reports, and access to answers and explanations online. For those who have a few years until SAT time, this test also includes a PSAT/NMSQT chapter.

4. Kaplan SAT

A leader in the test prep industry, Kaplan always offers a strong candidate to be the best test prep book on a given exam Kaplan SAT is exactly that. This guide is stuffed with indispensable strategies, proven tools, and simple format that will help get you ready for test day. This innovative text features four practice tests and a full-length test available online. Insider and expert tips for how to score highly on the SAT make this book unique. Additionally, strategies provided by a student who earned a perfect score on the SAT makes this book a must have. Hundreds of practice questions, paired with detailed answers ensure that you'll be well prepared. Another interesting aspect of this test prep book is the helpful guide for parents. Finally, let's not forget Kaplan's Higher Score guarantee, which claims that if you don't test higher using Kaplan's test preparation guide correctly, the cost of your purchase will be refunded.

5. McGraw-Hill SAT

Complete with online coaching videos, McGraw-Hill, a leader in the education industry, offers a study program which will ensure you are ready test day. This revised edition is a SAT coaching program which aims to build reasoning skills to prepare you for the exam better. Targeted-instructions and hundreds of exercises are just a few of the features in this text. This guide also includes full-length practice exams in the book and online, including answers and detailed explanations. Another unique feature of this handbook is the pull-out "Smart Cards," to easily review subjects and a detailed 10-week study plan.

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