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Reacting to a leading musician's statement that "traditional music is dead," another departee stated that although that is likely true, he does not want to concede. He argues that there is a movement to "resurrect" traditional music, though he admits that there is "a tremendous job ahead."

5 The changes social and historical context in resettlement and the intrusion of political elements into the concept of traditional music has thus made Vietnamese more circumspect about this segment of their cultural heritage, even as they feel committed to its preservation. The general ambivalence is over what the physical manifestations of traditional music represent:
10 Vietnamese culture or Vietnamese government propaganda?

The bifurcation of what traditional music stands for thus follows from its definition in political as well as historical terms, and in idealogical as well as pragmatic terms. It is not a coincidence that the point at which the oppositions were created is the same point at which forced migration began, the point at
15 which the political and cultural function of traditional music came into dispute, and the point at which these differences began to be manifested in different repertoires for what each faction called traditional music.

1. The author's main point can be best summarized as:
A) There is a growing consensus that traditional Vietnamese music is disappearing but will be revived.
B) Traditional Vietnamese music is difficult to define with precision because of government influence and the differing ideologies of migrants and the society from which they departed.
C) Vietnamese immigrants have lost interest in traditional Vietnamese music.
D) Music is an ever changing cultural phenomenon, therefore traditional forms are less relevant to younger generations of Vietnamese.
E)The perceived differences between traditional and modern musical forms are largely based on cultural and historical preferences rather than governmental intrusion.

2. The word ' bifurcation' (line 11) most nearly means:
A) consensus
B) relationship
C) complexity
D) division
E) extent

3. The author suggests that the concept of traditional music is influenced by all of the following except:
A) political forces
B) historical events
C) preservationist instincts
D) apprehensiveness toward change
E) cultural traditions

4. Which of the following can be inferred from the text?
A) Resettlement has helped to preserve traditional Vietnamese music
B) Vietnamese migrants have a mostly positive attitude toward traditional music.
C) Many Vietnamese migrants wish that their former government had less influence over traditional music.
D) War brought about the demise of traditional music and its instruments.
E) Disagreements over what constitutes traditional music are the result of generational rather than political differences.

5. 'Oppositions' (line 13) refers to
A) Strategies by political dissidents who used music for subversion
B) The differing ideas of what comprises the music repertory
C) Two groups --one that promoted and another that opposed traditional music.
D) The breaks in historical continuity
E) Movements away from traditional music

Instructions: Reading: Sentence Completion (5 questions)

6. The intensely _____________ nature of the fur trade required companies to actively seek out areas where they might operate _____________ by rivals.
A) competitive .. unencumbered
B) arduous .. effectively
C) volatile .. exclusively
D) furious .. separated
E) vibrant .. immovable

7. Such fires might appear eerily ______ to people accustomed to the capricious _____ of earthly flames.
A) glowing .. limits
B) subdued .. expanse
C) tranquil .. nature
D) crimson .. grandeur
E) agile .. propensity

8. All that remains is her ________ life portrait, whose thoughts we can only _____.
A) fascinating .. reflect
B) fabricated . intimate
C) erroneous .. speculate
D) decrepit .. surmise
E) enigmatic .. imagine

9. Pottery is a good topic for _______ of change, because pottery fragments are virtually _____________.
A) location .. primitive
B) examination .. indestructible
C) studying .. essential
D) analysis .. fallible
E) proximity .. permanent

10. Obviously, the young girl was poised to become a _________: her talent, though raw, was startling to all who witnessed her performance.
A) dilettante
B) gascon
C) virtuoso
D) connoisseur
E) patrician

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