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SAT Math Test - 3

1. A square is inscribed in a circle. If the area of the square is 36, what is the circumference of the circle?

A) 72
B) 12√2
C) 12
D) 6√2
E) 6

2. A Circle is inscribed inside a square. The area of the square is 108, find the area of the circle?
A) 108
B) 36√3
C) 27
D) 9√3
E) 6√3

3. A shoe shop in Beverly Hills sells a pair of shoes for 100$. During the month of March, the price of the shoe is slashed by 25% in week one. It is further slashed by another 12% the second week. In the third week the price is increased by 12%, and in the fourth week the prices are raised by another 25%. If a person buys one pair of shoes every week in the month of march (Assume 4 weeks in the month), how much will the person have spent?
A) 382
B) 307
C) 300
D) 282
E) 250

4. You are throwing darts at a square dartboard of circumference of 32. Inside this lies another square target of circumference 16. What is the probability of hitting the target inside the dartboard? (assume that you will always hit the board, probability of hitting any point within is exactly the same).
A) 0.80
B) 0.75
C) 0.50
D) 0.25
E) 0.20

5. A ship "X "sails from its port P, due south for 2 hours at a rate of 2.5 m/hr. Another ship "Y" sails due east for 2 hours at a rate of 6m/hr. After two hours what is the distance of the two ships from each other?
A) 17m
B) 15m
C) 13m
D) 9m
E) 7m

6. Cooks are required for a birthday party. Each cook can either make 4 Large Cupcakes or 35 Small cupcakes ever 6 minutes. For the party 80 Large cupcakes and 700 small cupcakes are required. The kitchen, however, is open for only 18 minutes. What is the minimum number of helpers required to complete the task within the allotted time?
A) 30
B) 25
C) 20
D) 15
E) 10

7. Henry has a collection of marbles in three colors; Green, Black and Blue. If the ratio of Green to Black is 5:1 and the ratio of Black to Blue is 5:2, what is the ratio of Green marbles to Blue marbles?
A) 25:2
B) 20:2
C) 15:2
D) 10:5
E) 5:1

8. Assuming that x in[ f(x)=x3-5 ] is an integer, which of the following:?
II) -4
III) -6
could be a value of f(x)?
A) I, II, and III
B)I and III Only
C) I and II Only
D) II and III Only
E) III Only

9. 40, 36, 32, 28, 24,20 ...
In the above sequence, each term is four lesser than the term preceding it. Which of the following cannot be a term in the above sequence.

A) -762
B) -668
C) -440
D) -200
E) 0

Inscribed inside a circle is a 12 by 16 rectangle. What is the circumference of the circle?
A) 40
B) 20
C) 16
D) 12
E) 10

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