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SAT Math Test - 5

1. The product of Twenty integers is negative, at least how many integers must be negative?
A) 1
B) 4
C) 7
D) 13
E) 19

2.A Large cube of side 9 is pained a bright red color. If the cube is then divided into cubes of side length 3. How many cubes will have bright red color on exactly two sides?
A) 6
B) 8
C) 12
D) 24
E) 30

3. A Compound emulsion of oil and H2O needs to be maintained at 2 parts oil to 1.5 parts H2O. If you have a solution of 6 liters which is equal parts Oil and equal parts H2O. What must you do to make the proportion of Oil and H2O correct?
A) Add 1 liter of H2O
B) Add 1 liter of oil
C) Add 0.5 liter H2O and 1 Liter Oil
D) Add 0.5 liter Oil and 1 liter H2O
E) Add 0.5 Liter Oil


In the above figure, the area of the square is 16c2 , find the area of the circle.

A) 0.5 c2 π
B) c π
C) c2 π
D) 4 c2 π
E) 16 c2 π

5. In a triangle ABC, AB is 3, BC is 12. Which of the following can be the third side of the triangle?

A) I Only
B) II Only
C) III Only
D) I and II Only
E) I and III Only

6. The product of "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" where each letter represents a different integer is zero. At most how many of the letters can be zero?
A) 26
B) 25
C) 10
D) 2
E) 1

7. If N=19, which of the following can be best used to prove that not all numbers which are prime must also be odd?
A) N-18
B) (N+3)-20
C) {[(N+1)*2]/2} -17
D) (N+1)-16
E) N-14

8. The lowest of three consecutive integers who's total is 72 is?
A) 21
B) 22
C) 23
D) 24
E) 25

9. If f(11) = 231 and f(7)= 91. Which of the following can be f(n)?
A) 5n2
B) 2n2 -5
C) 2n2 -n

D) 2n2 -2n

E) 4n+ 3

10. On a paper which is 10 by 8 (1/2) inches, a picture is copied and a margin of 1 (1/2) inches is left behind. Find the area that is covered by the picture?
A) 38.5
B) 49
C) 59.5
D) 65
E) 76

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