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SAT Math Test - 6

1. A Car takes 40 minutes to travel a circular race course in the first lap. In the second lap it takes 50 minutes. If the size of the race track is 6 miles. Find the average speed of the car in miles per hour?
A) 14
B) 12
C) 10
D) 8
E) 6


In a 8 by 16 cardboard rectangular sheet, two equal circles A and B are cut. If both A and B have the maximum diameter possible, find the area of the cardboard sheet which remains? (π = 3.14).

A) 13
B) 27
C) 54
D) 78
E) 104

3. Of the following values of triangle side lengths, which cannot represent the sides of a right angle triangle?
A) 6,8,10O
B) 10,24,26
C) 16,30,36
D) 24,30,36
E) 18,24,30

4. The amount of degrees, the hour hand of a large wall clock moves from 6p.m to 8.30pm of the same day is?
A) 60
B) 65
C) 75
D) 90
E) 120

5. During Christmas, a car dealership discounts one of its cars by 25%. After a week's time, the price is further discounted by another 20%. A single reduction of price of what percent would equal the discount of both the 25% and 20% put together?
A) 30
B) 32.5
C) 35
D) 40
E) 45

6. If A and B are integers. A+B is less than 11, A is Greater than 6. What is the smallest value possible for A-B?
A) -4
B) -2
C) 1
D) 2
E) 4

7. If a7b6c4 is less than zero.
Which of the above must be true?
A) I Only
B) II Only
C) III Only
D) I and II Only
E) None of the above

8. In New York city "A" liters of beer is required every single month. If there are "B" number of households in the city. How many months will "C" liters of Beer last?

9. (4*10)+ (2*102)+(4*104) is equal to?
A) 424
B) 4240
C) 40240
D) 42400
E) 402400

10. If you read pages 74 to 125 inclusive of a geography book. How many pages have you read in total?
A) 49
B) 50
C) 51
D) 52
E) 53

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