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SAT Mathematics Practice Test

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1. What is the least positive integer divisible by the numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6?

2. The ratio of length of a rectangular field to its width is 5:7. If the width of the field is 50 meters, what is the length of the field, in meters?

3. The sales of a manufacturing firm went up 20% since last year. If last year's sales was 10x, what is this year's sales in terms of x?

4. The machinery part that cost $20 last month, costs $25 this month. By what percent has the cost of machinery part increased?

5. If the average height (arithmetic mean) of father and son in a family is 123 cm, what would be the height in cm of mother, given the average height of the three of them is 132 cm?

6. Ilse is driving to her office from her house which is 330 miles away at a speed of 55 miles/hour. How far along would she be from her office (in miles) if she drove at a speed of 50 miles/hour?

7. It takes 6 men to complete a task at a construction site in 15 days. If 9 men of the same caliber are working at the construction site, how many days would it take them to complete the task?

8. In a circle, A is the center of the circle and B and C are the points on the circle. The measure of angle ACB is 45o and line segment BC measures 7√2. What is the area of the circle?

9. The difference in the area of a circular village of radius 14km and a circular pond within it is 462 km2. How much is the boundary of the pond (in km)?

10. The age of mother is twice the age of her son and the age of father is thrice the age of his son. What is the average of their total age in terms of x, where x is the age of the son?

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