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Last Updated: May 25, 2022

Best International Hospitality Management Programs

Hospitality management or hotel management are top degrees offered within the service industry. A degree in this field allows candidates to understand the hospitality industry better which knowledge regarding handling hotels, restaurants, clubs, amusement parks, and even convention centers. One will be able to find degrees in this field at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. They will also be able to take up diploma programs in the field which will allow them to work efficiently and climb up the ladder eventually.

Since the field encompasses all of the services provided by the hospitality industry, candidates will be expected to learn skills that are related to every part of the system. This can include skills like food and beverage preparation to entrepreneurship, PR, and marketing. This field offers students a diverse range of career options and endless ways of growth within their chosen career field. Having a hospitality management degree will allow one to learn both the soft skills and hard skills required. It will also provide candidates with the opportunity of meeting different people on a day-to-day basis.

Benefits of Studying Hospitality Management

The benefits of studying a hospitality management program from one of the best universities in the world will include the networking opportunities one will receive while doing the program. Candidates will be introduced to both the business aspects of hospitality management along with an in-depth study of food and beverage preparation skills that can come in handy while dealing with the hospitality business. Candidates will be able to work in an active environment where dull, office-related moments will be fewer than in most other professions. They will also be able to get competitive salary rates as their work experience increases within the field.

Working in this field will allow candidates to have flexible work schedules. The work environment will vary from day-to-day and one will be able to interact with people from different nationalities and cultures. Candidates will have the option of working in a local or international setup based on their interests.

Popular Courses for Hospitality Management

The subjects that one will have to learn as part of hospitality management will vary based on the country that they are taking the degree from and the primary focus the program has. A few of the general subjects that one will learn will include-

Fee for Hospitality Management Programs

The general fee for hospitality management programs around the world are as follows-
Singapore 6,500 - 20,000
New Zealand 12,000 - 17,000
United Kingdom16,000 - 29,000
United States of America 11,500 - 27,000
Hong Kong 5,500 - 15,500
Netherlands 10,000
Malaysia 3,500 - 25,000
Switzerland 17,000 - 25,000

Top Universities for Hospitality Management

1 Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne Switzerland
2 Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland
3 Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland
4 Cornell University USA
5 Hotelschool the Hague Netherlands
6 Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Spain
7 Hotel School Vatel France
8 Oxford Brookes University United Kingdom
9 Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
10 Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Spain
11 Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality & Management USA
12 William Angliss Institute Australia
13 Le Cordon Bleu France
14 Shatec Institutes Singapore
15 Kendall College USA

Best Hospitality Management Programs

A few of the best programs one can take for hospitality management include-

Master in Global Hospitality Business- EHL, Switzerland

This program compartmentalizes the study of hospitality management based on different continents. Students will be able to learn about hospitality business strategies, hospitality real estate finance & investments, concepts of international finance, business research, etc. in continents like Europe, Asia, and the US. They will also be able to get professional certificates at the end of every semester and will get to go on business field trips as part of the program.

The duration of the program is 16 months and it starts in both February and December. The degree is internationally accredited by Swiss/ECTS and the NECHE. The fee for the program is around $36,500.

BBA in Global Hospitality Management- Les Roches, Spain

This is an undergraduate program with a duration of 3.5 years. Candidates who take up this course will have to complete studying core courses, do 2 internships, and take up 5 specializations as part of the program. They will also be trained in practical arts that are required for this field. Their curriculum deals with critical operational functions of a hospitality business, marketing and sales, and accounting and financial management of similar institutions. The specializations offered here include- The fee for the program is $22,500 per semester and will include the tuition fee, learning resources, and practical arts apparel along with the health and accident insurance amount.

MSc in Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation- Glion, Switzerland

This program is provided at a master’s level and has a duration of 1.5 years. It will include core academic content, a professional internship, and a business field trip. The intakes for the program are generally in September and March. Students who take this program will learn how to develop their business idea, transform their entrepreneurial skills, and build their networks during the duration of the course.

Candidates will be able to attend an immersion program for 4 weeks before the commencement of the program. Upon completing the core courses based on marketing and business, one will be able to choose between a Business Research Project or a professional internship. The fee for the program is around $56,000.

Master of Management in Hospitality- Cornell University, USA

This program is provided across 3 semesters and an additional summer internship that candidates have to complete to get the degree. The core courses one will have to complete include finance, accounting, services marketing, management communications, human resource management, etc. Candidates will also have to attend different special events to build their professional network. They will be able to choose from different concentrations as part of the study. The concentrations offered for the program include- The fee for the program is $30,000 per semester.

BA in Hospitality Management- Hotelschool The Hague, Netherlands

This program is provided both in Amsterdam and The Hague with students having to live compulsorily on campus in the first year. The program will include 2 internships and a business project. It is considered to be a pre-master’s program for 2 business universities in the Netherlands. The duration of the program is 4 years where students will master the fundamentals, run an efficient business, run a better business, and innovate the industry. These will be the ideals with which each year will be approached by the candidate.

The fee for the program is around $10,700 per year for EEA students and $26,000 per year for non-EEA candidates.

European Bachelor of Management in Hospitality and Tourism- Vatel, France

This is the best school in France for Hospitality and Leisure Management. The program offered here has a duration of 3 years with 180 credits. The subjects one will have to learn include marketing, human resources, nutrition, wine vintages, professional culture, intercultural management, hospitality industry environment, etc. Candidates will have to do an internship in their 2nd, 4th, and 6th semester with the one in the 6th semester being optional.

MSc in International Hospitality, Events, and Tourism Management- Oxford Brookes, UK

This program has a duration of 1 to 2 years when done in the full-time mode and 24 months when done in the part-time mode. Candidates will learn about consumer behavior, marketing plans, hospitality operations, and strategic financial management as part of the course. The program does not require candidates to have a degree in the field of hospitality, they will also not require prior work experience in the field to get admission to the program.

The program taught includes modules for the global visitor economy, digital marketing & consumer experience, hospitality operations management, strategic financial management, etc. They also have optional modules for dark tourism, professional development, tourism digital distribution strategies, etc. The fee for the program is around $17,000 per year and this can vary from one year to another.

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management- William Angliss, Australia

This advanced diploma program has a duration of 1.5 years and the intakes for the program are in February, May, July, and September. The program is offered both in Sydney and Melbourne and the course details for the latter are as follows. Candidates will have to learn about business planning, asset management, finance, marketing, and human resources as part of the program.

Candidates will be able to work in the Angliss Restaurant in Melbourne or the Rubric Restaurant in Sydney as part of the program which will allow them to gain real-time experience in the field. They will also be able to attend special events and occasions which can increase their network base. The fee for the program is around $8,200 per semester and $24,600 for the entire program.

Career Opportunities in Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is one of the most popular fields in the service sector with an ever-increasing career outlook. Students in this field will be able to find jobs that are suitable for their experience and interest irrespective of the level of education they have. This is mainly because every management program will ensure that the students are trained well in tourism management along with whatever the primary focus of the program is. A few of the most popular career options in the field include-

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