Things to check before your departure to a new country!

So your F-1 visa is here and your flight tickets are booked. The next phase into the study abroad dream would be to pack and get ready for the adventure. Packing is always a tremendous task as no one knows where to begin and where to end. But here are some guidelines on how to go about this packing business in order to be ready completely when it is time to leave. Proper attention to the packing part of the process will ensure that there is no tension involved on the day of your departure.


  1. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS:Keep all the necessary, important documents carefully in a folder to prevent it from getting damaged. Keep the documents that need to be accessed immediately in your hand baggage while the rest can be packed in to your suitcase.
    • Birth certificate.
    • Passport
    • Flight ticket.
    • Passport size photographs.
    • Academic transcripts and degree certificate.
    • College address and any important correspondence from the Faculty.
    • Financial and any other documents that need to be submitted to the University.
  2. HOUSEHOLD UTILITIES: If you are considering sharing an apartment take only what is absolutely necessary and the rest can be bought as and when it is required. A list of immediate and necessary household utilities include:
    • Utensils for cooking.
    • 1-2 bowls, plates, spoons, forks, knives and glasses.
    • Tissues and napkins.
    • Light-weight, small and portable electronic pressure cooker, toaster, etc. as per the student's convenience.
    • Tinned food that can be stored up to a period of one month.
    • 1-2 thermos flasks and water bottles.
    • Torch-light and an umbrella.
    • Batteries both ordinary and rechargeable.
    • Laptop, iPod, cell phone and their respective chargers.
    • Required stationery items.
    • This is the biggest list of all and includes the most number of forgotten items. The key is to travel light. Remember that you are not going to the middle of nowhere so take just a little extra than usual.
    • Start with clothes and carry a mixture of summer and winter wear. Throw in sweaters, jackets and night clothes and make sure they are all machine-washable.
    • Stock up on plenty of undergarments and socks.
    • Limit your footwear to 1 pair of running shoes, 2 casual wear and 1-2 party wear.
    • Carry a good, long-lasting bag.
    • Pack in the required toiletries with care.
    • Throw in some bath towels.
    • Take your usual medication and make sure to keep a stock that will last for about 1-2 months. This will give you enough time to figure out and get acquainted with how pharmacies operate abroad.
    • Apart from your usual medicines carry also general medicines such as fever, pain relief, anti-allergens and diarrhea and nausea control tablets.
    • Carry some sort of spray for sudden sprains and muscle pull problems.
  5. MONEY:
    • Don't carry too much loose cash. Carry a sufficient amount till you get familiar with an ATM near your locality. After that shift to using your cards.
    • Carry enough change especially when you use public transport and rest-rooms.
    • Carry the address where you are residing at and your student ID card in your wallet at all times.

    The mantra is to travel light and take only what can't be left out. Even if you do forget something while packing there's no tension as you can always buy it once u land abroad. So stop worrying and start getting excited about your journey.

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