Test Assessing Secondary Completion

In a bid to offer an opportunity to adults interested in completing a high school diploma, McGraw-Hill and CTB have together launched a service called the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC). Developed in lines with the requirements of the high school knowledge bank, the TASC program is an affordable option for adult learners seeking to complete a high school certification that opens the gates to college degrees.

Candidates passing the TASC tests are awarded a diploma by their respective state.

Advantages of TASC

TASC was launched in January 2014 as an affordable national high school equivalent assessment program. The assessment, including the admission fee, costs $54. Besides: McGraw-Hill and CTB have designed the syllabus to ensure a modest transition year-on-year for candidates to understand and assimilate the subject matter thoroughly easily.

Subjects to study

TASC tests a candidate's knowledge and readiness for college and work through five subjects:

Examination format

In the launch year, TASC will assess its candidates through PPT and CBT formats using the following methods: Candidates are provided three forms in English and Spanish, which can be accessed in large print, audio format, Braille and as online assessment.


The pencil-paper testing method is the best option for candidates who: The computer-based testing format is most suitable for candidates as:

Examination duration

SUBJECT TIME (English) TIME (Spanish)
Mathematics (Part 2 - Calculator session) 50 minutes 55 minutes
Break for 15 minutes
Mathematics (Part 1 - Non-calculator session) 55 minutes 60 minutes
Writing 105 minutes 110 minutes
Reading 75 minutes 80 minutes
Science 85 minutes 90 minutes
Social Studies 75 minutes 80 minutes

When do I know my grades?

TASC's assessment format offers Career and College Readiness (CCR) scores.

Candidates appearing for the CBT examination can check their grades as soon as they complete the assessment. Those opting for the PBT format will be informed of their scores within ten days of appearing for the examination.

Eligibility criteria

Those intending to take up the TASC examinations need to ensure they are:

Benefits for examinees with disabilities

In line with the ADA Amendments Act, 2008, TASC has made its testing format convenient for people with disabilities. These accommodations allow: Candidates are provided with scratch paper at the center. For more details on allowable resources, check here.

Recognition of TASC scores

The TASC certificate stands equal to a high school diploma. Hence, most states recognize these scores. However, some states expect candidates applying to colleges also to submit SAT scores or appear for a placement test.

Test samples

McGraw-Hill has compiled a few sample test papers that examinees may practice with taking the actual test. These are available at http://www.tasctest.com/resources.html

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