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Last Updated: February 01, 2023
TASC has been discontinued by all the states since December 31, 2021. Students who have already taken the TASC can convert their score to the equivalent examination scores like HiSET or GED.

Test Assessing Secondary Completion - TASC

To offer an opportunity to adults interested in completing a high school diploma, McGraw-Hill and CTB have launched a service called the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC). Developed in line with the requirements of the high school knowledge bank, the TASC program is an affordable option for adult learners seeking to complete a high school certification that opens the gates to college degrees.

Candidates passing the TASC tests are awarded a diploma by their respective states. It is focused on the students who have not had a traditional high school system accommodating their needs, for students who had to drop out of high school for various reasons, and on migratory workers or children of such workers. This test has become an alternative choice to the GED examination which is an equivalent test for the high school examination.

Advantages of taking the TASC

TASC was launched in January 2014 as an affordable national high school equivalency assessment program. They claim to offer an easily accessible, affordable, and flexible option for candidates who wish to attain a high school equivalency certificate. They also provide options in the format of the test making both paper-and-pencil tests as well as online tests available for the candidates. Besides: McGraw-Hill and CTB have designed the syllabus to ensure a modest transition year-on-year for candidates to understand and assimilate the subject matter thoroughly and with ease.

Eligibility Criteria for TASC

Those intending to take up the TASC examinations need to ensure they are:

Cost of Applying for TASC

TASC testing offers candidates the option of purchasing a full TASC test through which they will be able to receive 2 free retests, scoring, and reporting to scores along with their access to attempt the examination. The cost of the examination is dependent on the state in which the candidate resides as it varies from state to state. The prices for taking the TASC are as follows:

StateSubTest FeeTotal Fee
New Jersey$22.80$114
New YorkFreeFree
West VirginiaFreeFree

For all other states, the test taker has to contact a TASC representative at

There are also instances where the test is conducted in correctional homes or institutional settings due to which there is the possibility of receiving fee waivers. Candidates will have to enquire whether there are options in which they will be able to take the test for free with the government covering their expenses.

Test Content for TASC

TASC tests a candidate's knowledge and readiness for college and work through five subjects:

Test Format for TASC

TASC test contains different question formats for different subjects which are similar for both the paper-based test and the computer-based test. The question formats that are included are- Candidates are provided three forms in English and Spanish, which can be accessed in large print, audio format, Braille, and as an online assessment.

Choosing the Perfect Test Format- Paper-Based Test and Computer-Based Test

The paper-and-pencil testing method is the best option for candidates who: The computer-based testing format is most suitable for candidates as:

Time Duration for TASC

SUBJECTTIME (English)TIME (Spanish)
Mathematics (Part 2 - With Calculator) 55 minutes55 minutes
Mathematics (Part 1 - Without Calculator) 50 minutes50 minutes
Writing110 minutes110 minutes
Reading85 minutes85 minutes
Science75 minutes75 minutes
Social Studies75 minutes75 minutes

Scoring In TASC

The passing score for the TASC examination is separate for each of the five subjects in the test. There is no overall passing grade and hence the candidate must clear each of the five subjects instead of playing to their strengths and scoring higher in individual subjects. The five subjects that come under TASC are Language-Arts Reading, Language- Arts Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

The score range for TASC is between 300 and 800 where the lowest score attainable is 300 and 800 is the highest score attainable. The minimum passing score for each of these sections is 500 and it is important that the candidate also receives a 2 out of 8 in the written essay from the Language-Arts Writing section.

Receiving TASC Scores

TASC's assessment format offers Career and College Readiness (CCR) scores.

Candidates appearing for the CBT examination can check their grades as soon as they complete the assessment except for their writing section scores. Those opting for the PBT format will be informed of their scores within ten days of appearing for the examination.

Recognition of TASC scores

The TASC certificate stands equal to a high school diploma. Hence, most states recognize these scores. However, some states expect candidates applying to colleges also to submit SAT scores or appear for a placement test.

Retaking the TASC Test

Candidates who have not been able to clear even one of the subjects in the test will have to wait for the time duration stipulated by their state. Candidates who have failed only one or two subjects in the test will be able to retake the test 2 times for free without any hassle. But once the two retakes are over, they will have to pay an amount of $10.40 per subject to retake the subjects. This cost will be subject to variations and additional charges depending upon the state the candidate lives in.

Test samples

McGraw-Hill has compiled a few sample test papers that examinees may practice with taking the actual test. These are available at

Accommodations for People with Disabilities

In line with the ADA Amendments Act, of 2008, TASC has made its testing format convenient for people with disabilities. These accommodations allow: Candidates are provided with scratch paper at the center. For more details on allowable resources, check here.

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