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Last Updated: June 18, 2021

Preparing for the TASC

The TASC examination is conducted by McGraw-Hill and CTB together in order to provide candidates who could not complete their high school education with an opportunity to complete their high school certification. The exam is equivalent to the GED examination which is well sought after but is considered to be an accessible, affordable, and flexible option that candidates can choose according to their needs.

The exam is mainly focused on students who could not complete their high school education due to their inability to follow the traditional high school setup, due to dropping out because of various factors like bullying, and also for migratory workers and their children who can benefit from the examination.

In order to apply for the TASC examination, candidates must not be enrolled in a high school, not be a high school graduate, and should abide by the state requirements of age and duration between leaving high school and taking the test. The test can be both taken for free or for the price of around $115 depending upon the state the candidate resides in.

Understanding the Test Format

Understanding the test format can help candidates in cracking the examination with lesser fear and also provides them with the opportunity of preparing for the examination than preparing in general thereby saving ample time. Candidates will also be able to achieve a higher grade than they aspired for by preparing smartly than meticulously.

The test is conducted both in a paper-and-pencil format as well as an online format out of which the candidate can choose the method that is comfortable for them. The testing options have been made available considering both candidates who are unfamiliar with the technical aspect of the test or have special needs and candidates who might require instant results for their examination.

The test format for the examination is-
SubjectTime (English)Time (Spanish)
Mathematics (Part 1) 50 minutes50 minutes
Mathematics (Part 2) 55 minutes55 minutes
Writing110 minutes110 minutes
Reading85 minutes85 minutes
Science75 minutes75 minutes
Social Studies75 minutes75 minutes

The question types for each section of the examination varies from each other. The different question types that are provided in the examination are-

Understanding the Test Content

Once the test format and question types have been studied, candidates will be able to move on to the content of the examination which they can peruse through the lens of the question types. For instance, candidates will not have to go through short answer questions from areas where they will only receive multiple-choice questions.

The test content for the TASC examination are as follows-

Materials to Prepare for TASC

Candidates who are preparing for the TASC examination will be able to enroll in online courses for the same, assign private tutors for their study, or prepare by themselves with the help of the best prep books available. The external sources they can rely on including a common core series for both 6-8 grade equivalents and 9-12 grade equivalents along with the official guide for the TASC test and even other individual training for the examination. Their Essential Education Corporation also provides candidates with workbooks that can help them prepare for the examination.

Tips to Prepare for TASC

Candidates who are preparing for the TASC examination will have to keep the following aspects in mind while preparing for the test. From learning how to manage time during the examination to previewing one’s own responses, different factors can help the candidate achieve the grade they desire for the examination.

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