TESOL - How to get TESOL Certificate

In the world of education, it can get really difficult to learn if you do not know the language that is being taught. If your mother tongue is not English and you have not been brought up reading and writing English, it can be a lot difficult to understand your textbooks should you need to study in English.

To help you overcome this difficulty. There is an organization that promotes "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages," otherwise widely known as TESOL. It is not just a course but a certification that is acclaimed to be the one with a marked difference. Perfect for all those who have difficulty understanding English, the course helps you learn the language more so that you can compete with your peers and not just be barred because of your limited knowledge of English.

Step by step understanding of the various facets of TESOL and Certification

Let us consider the basic question as to who should attend this course first. Anyone preferably into teaching or administration worldwide who either has or do not have any formal training in ELT. Teaching adults will be the focus in an environment which is either ESL or EFL and teaching youth in EFL environments will be the challenge which the course is expected to address.

What is expected from the participants as program requirements?

They need to successfully complete the online foundation course on the fundamentals of TESOL for 60 hours spread over six weeks, followed by another six weeks comprising of 60 hours online elective known as specialty course. Finally, 10-hour professional development and capstone requirement make them eligible to earn the TESOL Core Certificate.

What is the time they need to stay committed to the course?

One hundred and thirty hours dedicated the time that includes the professional development needs to be completed between 6 months and 11 months. Effectively at least 10 hour per week needs to be devoted to the course online as they cannot overlap at any point in time. In a nutshell, the student needs to attend once in a couple of days to be on track.

TESOL believes in a pass / no pass Grading and Assessment system, and hence one need to do well throughout to pass, and there are no shortcuts in gaining the certificate.

How do I apply for the course?

Go online and download the application that is in PDF format, fill in your details in the respective columns meant for the purpose, keep saving constantly, mail the completed PDF form to the mail address provided in the website.

Everyone who applies for the course may not be lucky enough to undergo the course as only 30 applicants will receive Participant Agreement Form per Cohort. So in case you are still reading when you want to be in the next cohort go to the website, download the PDF format, fill in your details and mail it without any more delay. Chances are you will be considered and will receive your Participant Registration Form. Going through TESOL course is an experience in itself, and better still is being certified by an International body making you one am

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