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Last Updated: May 22, 2022

Duolingo vs IELTS: Which is Better?

Duolingo and IELTS are English language proficiency tests that are conducted at an international level for candidates who wish to study or work abroad in an English-speaking country. Out of these two proficiency tests, IELTS has been internationally recognized and is one of the most popular tests conducted around the world. Duolingo, on the other hand, is a more recent platform that made taking the test easier by making it an online test.

While IELTS is accepted at all workplaces and educational institutions worldwide, Duolingo has only been gaining popularity around the world. But there is an exponential increase in the number of universities that accept Duolingo scores from candidates making it an easier option for candidates who wish to apply to foreign universities. Most of the language proficiency tests assess candidates based on skills like reading, listening, speaking, and writing but how these skills are assessed are different. The formats, syllabus, and pattern in which the examinations are conducted can be especially different when comparing exams like Duolingo and IELTS because Duolingo is only conducted online at home spaces whereas IELTS is conducted online in exam centers.

Making the Choice- Duolingo or IELTS

Candidates who have to take a language proficiency test will have to deeply contemplate and weigh their options before they choose between Duolingo and IELTS. While the Duolingo score is accepted at universities and most workspaces, this has to be personally verified by the candidate since this might not be the case at most times. And at the same time, while IELTS is accepted worldwide, it is not one of the most affordable options one can have among language proficiency tests.

The difficulty level of examinations can also vary based on the strengths of the candidate and their weaknesses. This is one of the subjective elements one will have to analyze before applying for the exam if both these examinations are accepted for the intended purpose. At the end of the day, students will have to prioritize between the choice of the universities they wish to apply to, the affordability of the exam, and the format and syllabus of the examination. They will have to choose the option that is best for them, without blindly following the most popular trend among their peers.

Applicability of Duolingo and IELTS

Candidates will be able to apply for the Duolingo English Test and the IELTS by registering at their official website and paying the required fee. The main reasons that make one choose between the two examinations include the reason for which one is applying for the test and the availability of exam centers for the test. While universities might accept the Duolingo English Test more commonly than before, it is still not one of the popular language proficiency tests when it comes to visa requirements. So candidates will often have to cross-check the recommended language proficiency test for the visa application before they choose an examination. The other factors include-

Similarities Between Duolingo and IELTS

The similarities between Duolingo and IELTS include-

Differences Between Duolingo and IELTS

There are plenty of differences between Duolingo and IELTS. These include-

Score Conversion from Duolingo to IELTS

The scores for Duolingo and IELTS are calculated differently with Duolingo opting for the marks a candidate receives and IELTS providing a band score that depicts the range within which the candidate scored for the test. The scores for both the examinations can be compared if one has the following conversion table.
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