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Last Updated: February 20, 2022

Best TOEFL Preparation Apps

Students work very hard to ace any given competitive exam. If they want to get a better percentile, they need to learn new concepts, build their vocabulary, revise the study material thoroughly, work on linguistic skills. But when it comes to the TOEFL exam, a little extra effort is required on their part.

Why Choose A TOEFL App?

While everyone is familiar with traditional ways of learning, online lectures and apps are gaining popularity nowadays. They are considered to be good substitutes in terms of convenience, time, effort, money, and quizzing students on questions they need practice with.

Even if the students are using prep books for preparation, installing an app helps them practice in the area they want help in. It provides mobility because students can carry their study material with them without the burden of carrying heavy books wherever they go. These apps make sure candidates cover all of the syllabi at their speed with just a phone or laptop in their hands.

Most of the TOEFL prep apps provide features like-

Top 7 TOEFL Prep Apps

Below are some of the best TOEFL preparation apps one can go for. Scoring good marks is just a click away!

TOEFL Prep And Practice App by Magoosh

This is a user-friendly app offering smart preparation tools and techniques to students helping them crack the exam in a much easier way than before. It includes a wide range of interactive sessions and explanation videos on basic to advance level TOEFL strategies.

Some of the key features are: However, some users complained of lessons quality not being good, outdated study materials, technical glitches, and inability to access customized practice.

TOEFL Speaking And English Learning App by Magoosh

Despite candidates’ strong command of English as a language, they can still score less when it comes to speaking English, which is one of the most challenging tasks of the TOEFL exam. Magoosh: TOEFL speaking and learning app offers a perfect solution to its users and helps them achieve a competitive score. Students can download this app for free. The features provided are: In addition, the website provides free access to 4 complete TOEFL speaking tests for a limited period. Students can follow their step-by-step guide on how to achieve better scores. With a current rating of 4.1 stars learning and speaking English has become easier with this app.

English Vocabulary Cards App

This app is free and helps students learn new words on an everyday basis with its huge bank of vocabulary flashcards. Designed using the expertise and professional knowledge of various TOEFL tutors, trainers, and experts, this app gives the students an option to select the level of vocabulary they want to practice.

A few key features are:


The ETS has developed this app which makes it the official application of the TOEFL exam. Here the students can go through the complete study material and evaluate how they are doing. This app is kind of a virtual assistant that guides the student on the path to prepare for TOEFL for free.

Below are some features listed:

TOEFL iBT Preparation By Eslhub App

This app helps its students to learn new words with their synonyms and meanings daily. It acts as a platform for enhancing the student’s knowledge and improving other key areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. There are many informative articles, lecture videos, and short exercises which can amazingly help students.

Some of the key features are:

TOEFL Practice Test, TOEFL Preparation by Aroso

This app by Aroso provides questions from beginner to advanced levels. The app has 15 question sets free after which students can get the premium version for additional practice.

Some key features of the app include:

TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards " Words And Practice App

An education app including more than 1,800 different vocabulary and reading cards. This app works on the measures to rate every student’s performance based on their strong and weak areas. That way students can get an idea of what is there current position and where they need to be to get good results.

The key features are:

Are TOEFL Prep Apps Enough?

While these apps are in huge demand in the present scenario, it cannot be considered that they are fully reliable. There are regular changes that happen in the education industry and it will become difficult for the students to keep themselves updated if the app is not updated with the recent changes.

Those who want to score extraordinary marks will have to practice a lot of questions from the physical course books as well on a daily routine. Some of these apps might focus on just one segment of the TOEFL exam and not on the entire part, so it would prove to be a setback for those students who wish to prepare thoroughly for the entire test.

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