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TOEFL Listening Test 2

TOEFL Listening Practice Test2, lecture between a student and a university adviser
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1. The student cites which of the following as reason(s) for wanting to leave his university? (choose 2 answers)
A) Illness
B) Homesickness
C) Greater familiarity with the college at home
D) Failing grades

2. What is the student's major?
A) Business Administration
B) Mechanical Engineering
C) Economics
D) Statistics

3. The student cites which of the following reason(s) for coming to the university? (choose 2 answers)
A) The appealing architecture of the university's buildings
B) Its extracurricular activities
C) Its strong Business program
D) Desire to be independent from his family

4. What is the primary drawback of transferring schools for this student?
A) If he transfers, he will lose some credits and fall behind
B) He will have to learn everything about the new college in a short amount of time
C) He will not receive the same amount of financial support
D) He will lose his housing that is close to campus

5. Why does the advisor offer the anecdote of her own freshman year?
A) Because she only wants to talk about herself
B) Because she doesn't know what else to say to the student
C) To suggest that maybe it is best if he changes colleges after all
D) To demonstrate to the student that it is not uncommon to feel lonely and homesick during the first year of college

6. After hearing the advisor's story, the student feels
A) That it is the right decision to transfer schools
B) That misery is part of college and he'll just have to deal with it
C) That the appointment was a waste of his time
D) Encouraged that his situation can improve

7. What does the advisor tell the student about moving home?
A) That he can always return home after college, though he may not want to at that point
B) That there aren't as many good opportunities in his hometown
C) That family is the most important thing, and if he misses them, he should go home
D) That he needs to learn to be completely independent and separate from his family

8. What is the student's final decision regarding transferring schools?
A)That the best course of action is to transfer schools
B) To research transfer options more, but will still consider staying
C) To remain at his current school until he completes his degree
D) To take a year off of school to decide which path is best for him

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