Low Score in TOEFL- What Should You Do Next?

TOEFL is a tough exam to crack! It could be quite challenging for those who are taking the TOEFL exam for the first time in their life. If your TOEFL scores have already come out and if you have scored less than expected, then there is no need to sit back and remorse over what has already happened. Now is the time for some action by selecting out the best available opportunities for you. What Options are Available to You?

Taking IELTS

IELTS score is accepted in almost all universities to show your English Language proficiency. If your score in TOEFL is low (below cutoff required by most universities then you can also try IELTS). Remember getting right TOEFL or IELTS score is the first step to get started (unless you have an exceptional profile, some universities may grant you conditional admission and you might have to take some English courses).

Taking TOEFL Test Again

Many candidates might consider re-taking the test. It could be a preferable option for you if you have relevant time for the same. To re-take the exam involves preparing oneself to go through the gruesome study routine all over again.

It also asks for the investment of a considerable amount of time needed for the preparation. The students are also expected to prepare with a stronger zeal and dedication, far better than the previous attempts.

Hence, before considering to re-taking the TOEFL exam:

Seek Out Favorable Universities

Another option many students might consider is taking admission in a university which enrolls candidates with low TOEFL score. This could be an option for those who have already tried several attempts and now have run out of time or money to give another try at the TOEFL exam. Such candidates can make the proper selection of the best among such universities which allow the intake of poor scoring candidates. There also might be some universities who might accept your candidature on a condition and then, after the admission, they might provide you the relevant English course and classes.

Look Outside TOEFL Universities

The students who have scored poor marks for their TOEFL exam might also consider taking admission in any university which does not categorize their mode of selection based on the candidate's TOEFL scores. Why should the students waste their time and money on preparing all over again if they can easily get admission in a university which does not limit its admission procedure to the excellent TOEFL scores? This applies to those candidates who simply wish to pursue their degree in English literature and become a professional in this discipline. Such students can make a list of the top of such universities which do not consider the high TOEFL scores for their admission process and thus can apply for the same.

Tips to Be Successful at TOEFL Exam

Solid Preparation
The students must not be disheartened by their low score in the TOEFL exam. It is imperative to prepare in advance for the TOEFL exam to avoid such problems. Proper preparation entails hard work and dedicated study patterns to achieve success. The study model must also be supplemented with the use of the right study materials including good books and journals from the expert writers.

Mentor Assistance
The students might also take expert help from their subject professors to help them in subjects they might get stuck in.

TOEFL Online Practice
The candidates can also prepare for their TOEFL exam by taking online help from the online study materials which come with several test series and samples to help them score remarkable grades for their TOEFL exam.

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