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Last Updated: February 22, 2021

How to Score 100 in TOEFL?

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) can be tough for many students if they are not native to the language. Examinees who wish to score remarkable grades for their TOEFL exams generally get overwhelmed when they start to prepare for the exam due to a certain lack of guidance or assistance.

Learning a language is tricky. One may believe that they have mastered the language only to find themselves lacking in areas like listening and comprehending content that is delivered at a fast pace. Along with this, it is not easy to find proper guidance that may suit the problems you have in learning the language. But at the same time, there are general tips that can be followed to make the process easier. We have listed these tips here for you in order to make your learning process easier.

How to Score Big in Your TOEFL Exam?

  1. Understand the Exam Well: Before undertaking the TOEFL exam, it is imperative to learn about the exam and how it functions. The TOEFL is a Test of English as a Foreign Language which is used to serve as an English proficiency test conducted by an American company known as the ETS. It is meant for non-native students who wish to study in the top English literature universities of the American countries. The test is used to check the English writing, speaking, reading, and listening capabilities.

    Pay attention to the format even before you have started actively preparing for the test. If your study schedule demands that you start studying on a particular date, ensure that you take at least 2 days before that to master the structure and format of the test. The exam is all about timing once you know the language. This means that even if you know the right answers to all the questions in the exam if you can not figure it out within the given time limit, your knowledge will not help you score enough.

    There are four sections used to test the different skills of an individual. The total score of the TOEFL test is 120. Each English university expects a candidate to score a particular mark to enroll for admission.
  2. Start the Preparation: TOEFL cannot be excelled over a night's effort. The students need to invest a lot of hard work and time to score a 100 in their TOEFL test and get enrolled in their chosen university.
    • The students should start preparing at the earliest to allow themselves some spare time for quality revision in the end.
    • The preparation should take at least two months in advance depending on your level of understanding of the language. For those students who are taking the test for the first time in their life, it can get a bit challenging. Candidates who are proficient in English may need only a few weeks of preparation to score good marks.
    • Prepare a study schedule that is realistic. Include all daily activities that you usually do so that you will stick to the plan in spite of other plans you make. It may seem a little over the top to keep a schedule to study a language.
    • Study every section 2 days at a time. Attempt a practice test at the end of each round.
    • Evaluate yourself through these practice tests and find your short-comings so you can work on them.
  3. Enhance Your Reading Skills: By reading books, we do not imply that the students should read only the books or novels which might interest them. They should put more emphasis on enriching their vocabulary.

    For achieving the same, they must read journals, newspapers, and other literary articles to excel at the reading section of the TOEFL exam. Considering this is an era of social media, if you find reading fiction to not be your forte, you can always look up blogs written with complex vocabulary. News reports available on various platforms can replace newspapers if it appears to be easier to decipher in that format.

    There are vocabulary-building exercises available in plenty on the internet that can also be accessed. This will be of use to you if you have limited time in preparing for the exam.

  4. Pay Attention to Detail: The listening skills can be developed by paying attention to the minute details of everything. You can always prepare for the listening section by watching TV Shows or the BBC News Channel but focusing on their speech without losing focus can be a task in itself. You can also make a practice listening for 10 to 20 minutes of a channel or series and try to recollect all that was said in that time frame. There are various online audiobooks available as well to enhance the listening capabilities of the scholars. Any English content like YouTube videos, movies can also help to improve listening skills.

    Even if you are able to comprehend what is being said, retaining this information is the important part of this section. It reflects on your ability to focus on content and recollect it when asked to.

  5. Take Good Notes: It is indispensable for the students to learn to take effective notes which would assist them in their reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills to excel in the TOEFL exam. Examinees must make a summarized note of the main points instead of writing everything down. They can enhance their note writing with the use of symbols and shorthand.
  6. Enrich Your Pronunciation: To excel in the TOEFL exam, a student is required to speak with clear pronunciation. One should never try to fake an accent as it will be held against you during scoring. The speech has to be clear and easily understood by others. Always keep practicing and speak with anyone and everyone in English whenever you get the opportunity.
  7. Speed Up Your QWERTY Typing: This would aid in the writing section of the TOEFL exam to type quick and correct words during the exam.
    • Typing faster gives you enough time to focus on all the questions of the exam.
    • This may also provide you with a little extra time that you may use for cross-checking your answers for grammatical inaccuracies.
    • Students can also excel at touch typing. It involves typing with all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. This requires a lot of practice and can help you convert thoughts into text with no extra effort on typing.
  8. Make English Your Favorite Subject: If you wish to excel and score a 100 in the TOEFL exam, you need to love the subject of English. People who have a knack for English can easily score over 100 in their TOEFL.
Understand that mastering a language can take a lot of time and effort. Be patient with yourself and focus more on the exam than being perfect in the language. This will help you optimize yourself for the exam even if you are a little weak in the language. Stay confident and ace the test in your own way.

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