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Last Updated: September 23, 2023

Writing Section of TOEFL

TOEFL is an English proficiency test that tries to assess your proficiency through the sections of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The exam has taken precedence in the application procedures especially for International students who wish to pursue higher studies in English-speaking countries.

The writing section gains importance due to the academic works that will have to be carried forward by the student. Less understanding of grammar and vocabulary will make you stand apart from the crowd in institutions and make it harder for you to focus on your course when you have to pay extra attention to your language. Even if a person can survive an academic space with broken English in speech, doing the same in writing will be considerably difficult and can result in poor grades despite having brilliance in the subject.

Why Writing Test? What do they look for?

The exam has kept this section to analyze and measure your competence in writing in English suitable to an academic space and culture. This varies from informal writing which you would be most familiar with. Academic writing is not measured to the maximum extent since it is something you will learn in college/ universities. But in order to make use of the information they provide you, you will require a minimum level of grammar and vocabulary.

It is to be understood that in this section, they try to measure your skill in organizing your thoughts and perspectives. Displaying unique perspectives will always be a plus in this section but at the same time, presenting a simple idea in its proper order with above-average vocabulary and accurate grammar will provide you the excellent result that you want.

Test Structure

The Writing Section has 2 tasks mainly- Independent writing task and Integrated writing task. These tasks focus on different approached in writing, namely, informal and formal writing.

Independent writing task-As the name suggests, the independent task is based in making you write an essay based on your personal experiences. You will also be allowed to state opinions you may hold regarding the topic or prompt they have provided.

Integrated writing task - In this task, you will be given a short passage to read and a short lecture to listen to after which you will be required to write your perspectives regarding to the information you were provided. This task must be attempted using a formal format and informal language or personal experiences will not be accepted as an answer.

No.TasksTime Duration
1.Academic Discussion task10 minutes
2.Integrated Task20 minutes


The TOEFL score report will contain 4 scaled section scores and 1 total score. Here, each section is scored within a range of 0-30 and the grades of all these sections are added to calculate the total score you have obtained.

The Writing section have 5 proficiency levels based on which your level is calculated. These are:
Proficiency levelScoreGeneral Description
Advanced level24-30Skill to write well-organized text about a wide range of topics; has clarity, good range of vocabulary.
High-Intermediate level17-23writes well about familiar topics; can summarize; has few grammatical inaccuracies.
Low-Intermediate level13-16can produce simple content; limitations due to lack of vocabulary; language errors.
Basic level7-12basic knowledge of grammar; small range of vocabulary; cannot communicate thoughts well.
Below Basic level 0-6close to having no knowledge in the language; cannot communicate thoughts in proper sentences.
Your responses have to be typed on a keyboard and will be sent to ETS after the test. They are evaluated by AI Scoring and Human scoring to avoid biases and discrepancies at all times.

Writing Tips

The writing section can be aced only if you have an overall idea of all four sections of the test. Since the second task assigned in the writing section requires that you read a passage and listen to a lecture and then write down a response to the same, it is necessary that you are good at listening and reading the content into figuring out the text.

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