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TOEFL Tips for Listening section

how much time do you have? if you can spare 2 hrs everyday exclusively for listening at least for a week, it is sufficient.
>>initially 2days take notes while you listen to the conversations and answer the questions looking at the notes.
>>next two days take notes while listening, but while answering do not look at the notes, practice to register in your mind at least what you have noted
>> now you can start practicing without taking notes, yr concentration would have improved
>>just listen to a lot of those conversations and stay away from desi bhasha..try to be in that tune, watching CNN, NBC, listening to BBC radio...cover all the channels to get a hang of the variety of subjects that are covered by, academic, normal conversations
>>practice practice substitute to this.get practice materials from wherever you can and do it..
>> do one practice test from powerprep 5 days before yr test and save the the next powerprep test for the previous day before yr TOEFL exam. That is the best estimate and the real practice
Get a good nite's sleep b4 the test..on the D-day do not eat heavy so you might feel sleepy and do not strain yourself trying to listen, but be very focused.. a moment's distraction will lead to a disaster. Just be cool and focused. and make sure to adjust yr volume properly..Very Imp

I had just a week for TOEFL. I could devote only three hrs in a day. because I was working as well. but I practiced every day consistently and kept attending a lot of coffee talks by the US guys at Office! and listened to US radio stations whenever possible and to relax watched a lot of English movies
I am still waiting for my score..

To be on the safe side. keep at least 23 days to prepare for the exam. everyday 6-8 hrs should suffice.
My TOEFL range is b/n 230 - 287 ,,,,reading + listening =28 ,,,structure + essay = 13-30

Hope you do well. Lack of practice is what might hurt.

Good Luck

Internet-based Testing (iBT)
The new TOEFL test will be delivered via the Internet. Internet-based testing (iBT) allows ETS to capture speech and score responses in a standardized and fair manner. It will also make it possible to greatly expand test center access.

ETS is committed to a successful transition worldwide. In order to maintain test and score integrity and ensure a quality administration for test takers, ETS will introduce the new test in phases.

The test will first be administered in the United States on September 24, 2005. On October 22, the TOEFL iBT test will begin in Canada, France, Germany and Italy. The test will be introduced in the rest of the world in 2006. A complete schedule will be available by November 1, 2005. See the TOEFL iBT timeline for more details. A list of frequently asked questions about the phased rollout is available.

ETS will continue to administer the current computer-based and paper-based versions of the test until the new Internet-based test is implemented.

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