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Last Updated: October 23, 2023

TOEIC Bridge Test

The TOEIC Bridge tests are designed for individuals at a beginner to intermediate level of English proficiency. These tests evaluate the four essential skills of English communication, namely listening, reading, speaking, and writing.


Tests of the TOEIC Bridge concentrate on real-world communication tasks and typical work environments that mirror contemporary language usage and communication styles.

TOEIC Bridge Listening Test

Responses to questions, talks, dialogues, and descriptions in English will be required of test takers. It takes around 25 minutes. The test is grouped into four parts with 50 multiple-choice questions.

TOEIC Bridge Reading Test

Test takers will respond to questions regarding brief informational texts and complete sentences in written English. The test takes 35 minutes to complete. The test contains 50 multiple-choice questions divided into three parts.

TOEIC Bridge Speaking Test

In addition to asking and answering questions, test takers will read aloud excerpts from texts, explain and recount events, and express opinions. The test can be completed in around 8 minutes. It is grouped into six task-type parts with 8 questions.

TOEIC Bridge Writing Test

Test-takers will complete and write sentences, describe events, request and provide information, and express opinions. The test takes 35-40 minutes to complete. This part is divided into five parts with 9 questions.

Registering for TOEIC Bridge Test

The candidates should contact their regional EPN office for registration information. Alternatively, they can contact via email at, phone at +1-609-771-7170 or, fax at +1-610-628-3722.

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