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Last Updated: December 09, 2023

5 Best Prep Books for TOEIC

TOEIC is a standardized test for assessing the proficiency of language candidates have in English as is required in a workspace. Unlike examinations like TOEFL and IELTS, the TOEIC examination provides candidates with the opportunity to attempt the test for the different facets of language proficiency that they will have to demonstrate at their workspace. The test has been split into a Listening and Reading test and a Speaking and Writing which out of which the Speaking and Writing sections of the test can also be taken separately.

Though the validity of the test is only two years, candidates are provided with the opportunity to take the test as many times as required in their lifetime. The scores from the TOEIC test are generally used by freshers as a means of boosting their career search and also by employees who plan on getting promoted. Preparing for the TOEIC test can seem challenging to candidates who are already employed but can be easily done through prep books that are best in the market.

List of Best TOEIC Prep Books

Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder$6.52
Barron's Test Prep- TOEIC, 9th Edition$30.20
Kaplan's TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Prep Plus 2019-2020, 5th Edition$11.54
Barron's TOEIC Essential Words, 7th Edition$21.22
Cambridge Grammar and Vocabulary for the TOEIC Test$45.75

Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder

Cost- $6.52
Publication Date- May 1, 2010
Increasing one's vocabulary is crucial for anyone taking or planning for any English language proficiency test. The book is an essential resource for students getting ready for standardized tests like the TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and ACT since it is ideal for increasing their working vocabulary. The majority of the words in the book are common knowledge terms that are seldom used in casual speech. It is also useful for writing, saving readers from constantly consulting the thesaurus.

For high school students as well, this vocabulary builder dictionary is quite helpful. The book is well-structured, with carefully chosen examples to aid in understanding the Greek and Latin roots of many common English words.

Pros- Cons

Barron's Test Prep- TOEIC, 9th Edition

Cost- $30.20
Publication Date- May 4, 2021
The Barron's TOEIC prep book is divided into two sections. The first section covers the test in great detail, breaking it down into its two components (Reading and Listening), its subcategories, and finally all the specific information needed to ace it. It therefore offers a comprehensive overview of every possible area of difficulty that students may encounter on the exam, sometimes in the form of a summary, but that is understandable given that it is not intended to be a grammar book. Instead, the second section offers six examination models that exactly match the real one. As a result, it is possible to assess the examination itself using the official score classification system, which is based on the quantity of correct answers. The newest (10th) version of this book is also available, but readers seem to prefer this version over it.

Pros- Cons

Kaplan's TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Prep Plus 2019-2020, 5th Edition

Cost- $11.54
Publication Date- January 1, 2019
To improve English language proficiency for the TOEIC Listening and Reading exam, Kaplan offers an extensive review, online listening tracks, and test-like practice with TOEIC Listening and Reading Prep Plus 2019-2020. To help students feel confident when taking the TOEIC, this completely updated guide offers test-taking techniques, professional advice, and current test information.

This book is organized well; it starts by outlining the guidelines and test-scoring methodology. After that, it provides readers with examples of every possible test question along with a direct link to the English grammar skills required to answer the question. This allows students to review the material in a different book or during "face-to-face" classes with an instructor. A brief chapter outlining the most effective study method for this exam is also included. After that, a brief test is given to readers so they can accurately determine their areas of weakness in listening and grammar. Following that, students can take full "TOEIC Style" tests to practice time management and test-taking strategies.

Pros- Cons-

Barron's TOEIC Essential Words, 7th Edition

Cost- $21.22
Publication Date- May 4, 2021
600 terms that are frequently used on the TOEIC are the focus of TOEIC Essential Words. Fifty vocabulary-building lessons are offered, with an emphasis on American English as it is used in contemporary business, industry, communications, and cultural contexts.

Each lesson in the book includes 12 target words with definitions, and numerous applications of the words in various contexts, Following the lesson, complete the practice exercises.

Pros- Cons-

Cambridge Grammar and Vocabulary for the TOEIC Test

Cost- $45.75
Publication Date- December 13, 2010
Cambridge Grammar and Vocabulary for the TOEIC Test, written by skilled TOEIC teachers, covers all the grammar and vocabulary students need to do well on the test. Students can hone their skills before the actual test by taking additional TOEIC practice tests. Additional listening practice is offered by audio recordings.

Pros- Cons-

Preparing for TOEIC

ETS offers candidates the option of preparing for the TOEIC examination through their online courses. The courses aim at covering the different sections of the examination and at the same time provide candidates with an approach that can benefit them more in the examination and gain decent marks while cracking it.

TOEIC Official Learning and Preparation Course -
The course deals with real-life situations and is made accessible 24 hours a week for candidates who require content but are willing to prepare for the examination by themselves. They provide over 1000 questions which are the closest can get to the official examination since they have been created by the creators of the examination. To apply for the official TOEIC course offered by ETS, candidates will have to contact their EPN members and order the course.

The course will contain 3 learning modules each of a different difficulty level allowing candidates to pace their study and approach the content from the level of knowledge they have rather than catering to the difficulty levels that are offered by the different online courses. There are 8 topic-based units for each of the modules dealt with in the course.

At the same time, they provide interactive exercises that are taken from workspace experiences based on which the official test will also have its content. The voice narration for the listening section exercises is provided in the same voices that will be available for the examination making it easier for candidates who have practiced the exercises with the course.

Candidates will be able to take a diagnostic test even with the course which will provide them with a score report estimating the score they will receive if they attempt the official TOEIC examination at the level they are currently in and providing them with an idea of how much they have to improve in order to get the score they desire or require.

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