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Graduate Schools in Dubai

Many foreign accredited universities have been set up in Dubai (British, Australian and American Universities). Most of their campuses are located in Dubai. The Harvard Medical School Dubai Center (HMSDC) Institute for Postgraduate Education and Research has been established as well in Dubai Healthcare City.

Accreditation is granted by The Ministry of Higher Education in UAE for all Bachelor's & Master's Programs.

Following Schools and Universities are in Dubai...

Note: Tuition fees in Dubai...

Is it worth studying in Dubai?

Well if you are not a resident of Dubai then it may not be best option for you (unless you have to live there due to some reason). US, UK, Canada, Australia will remain top choices for courses/programs in English. There is a culture shock for most people. Cost of education is not cheap and UAE does not offer citizenship or residence. There are not too many job opportunities. Dubai is probably better option for students living in UAE and middle-east. How to get UAE work visa

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