Top Economics Colleges in UK

Employed in top banks, Governments and Private organizations, if you complete an economics course from one of the best colleges, perform well in the course, you will always have a well-paying job.

Best Universities In UK For Economics

University of Cambridge.
  1. the University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the UK. Known around the world for its high-quality programs, it offers far-reaching students undergraduate and graduate courses up to Ph.D. in Economics.
  2. The University has many faculties who are world leaders in their field of study, serve on international panels of the various economic organization while side by side serving on a number of other research assemblies.
  3. It has one of the best libraries in the country, one which is well stocked with scientific lines and extensive collections of source materials such as journals and monographs. Also, it has a large number of sections dedicated exclusively to economic studies. This allows for high-intensity research no matter which side of economics you decide to specialize in.
  4. Known for its developmental economics, the university provides ample scope for further progress for the same.
  5. Other than its brilliant professors, the university encourages faculty of leading academicians and professionals, from all over the globe, to visit and interact with its students to allow for a complete view of international affairs.
  6. One of the most selective universities in the world, thorough screening of students is done to ensure that the limited seats are filled with the best and brightest minds among the student population.
  7. The teaching methods give students and an international academic experience, expanding his or her horizon.
University of Oxford
  1. Another world renowned university, it is known for producing prominent economist of global repute.
  2. While the coursework covers all forms of modern economics, the university is known for its research on macro and microeconomics, labor related economics, international trade.
  3. Its close involvement with World Trade Organization, World Bank and other organizations of world character caters to the dynamic progress of its students through internships.
  4. The city where the university is present, has an encouraging academic climate, stimulating surroundings, and present a great opportunity for research.
London School of Economics
  1. Among the largest schools as far as Economics and other social sciences is concerned, a consistent and evolving department provides undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs which create brilliant minds ready to face the various problems currently faced by the world.
  2. It ranks among the world's top schools in economics.
  3. Students learn from the world's best teachers, are allowed to interact with world-renowned scholars coming from all part of the world (both developed and developing countries); allowing for ample knowledge exchange, a better understanding of all sections of the world societies
University of Warwick
  1. Situated in Coventry England it is a public research university known for its good teachers, excellent stimulating environment, and friendly people.
  2. It is unique for using a high valued training which infuses the teaching of advanced topics in economics along with enhanced analytical training in specific areas; providing students the opportunity to become skilled at their respective subject.
  3. This university offers research for undergraduates under the direction of scholars, which enables them to prepare for a graduate degree program.
  4. Plenty of recruiters welcome the graduates from this university in appropriate work areas.
University College of London
  1. A Public Research University of United Kingdom, it is also the oldest of such universities, is stationed in London.
  2. The University offers Undergraduate, graduate and Ph. D program is highly known for its M. Sc in economics.
  3. The Ph.D. program consists of thorough training in a specific research program, to generate scholars who are experts in framing economic policies.
  4. A thriving Exchange Program furthers the inputs in knowledge, allows students a chance to learn from other leading institutes.

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