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Last Updated: February 09, 2021

Top Economics Colleges in UK

If you have the knack to understand finances on a large scale and would like to develop and elevate current economic policies, economics is your calling. Economics is one of the highest paying jobs in the UK, after medicine.

You could be employed in top banks, governments, and private organizations, which is possible if you complete an economics course from one of the best colleges, and perform well in the course. Not only is London one of the leading economies in the world, but it also provides courses which are on par with the same.

Below are the names of the universities that provide the best economics course for your growth and development in the field of economics.

1. London School of Economics

Among the largest schools as far as Economics and other social sciences are concerned, a consistent and evolving department of the infamous London School of Economics provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs that create brilliant minds ready to face the various problems currently faced by the world.

Since time can tell, LSE has and continues to rank among the world's top schools in economics. Students learn from the world's best teachers, are allowed to interact with world-renowned scholars coming from all part of the world (both developed and developing countries); allowing for ample knowledge exchange, a better understanding of all sections of the world societies

Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses: Since the college specializes in economics, it has a whole range of courses for students interested in careers in the field. Some of the famous courses that LSE offers are BSc Economics, BSc Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics, and BSc Economics with Economic History.

Fees structure Postgraduate Courses: Postgraduate courses that are offered by LSE are on taught basis. Students of postgraduate degrees are trained to become experts in the field of economics, and also get prepared for academia and research in the field.

It may be that based on your interests and career, you would want a course that provides you with more than what LSE offers. In this case, LSE makes it possible for you to get a joint degree. As for the courses provided for master's they are MSc Economics, MSc Economics (2-year program), and MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics.

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2. University of Oxford

Another world-renowned university, the University of Oxford is known for a lot of things. So it comes as no surprise when Oxford is also known for producing prominent economist of global repute. While the coursework of economics at Oxford covers all forms of modern economics, the university is popularly known for its research on macro and microeconomics, labor-related economics, and international trade.

Its close involvement with the World Trade Organization, World Bank, and other organizations of world character cater to the dynamic progress of its students through internships. If that wasn't enough, the city where the university is present, has an encouraging academic climate, stimulating surroundings, and presents a great opportunity for research.

The University of Oxford offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for economics, just like any other college or university in the field; but what really sets Oxford apart is the faculty and scope of growth. Yes, the competition to get into Oxford is cut-throat, but the student who manages to get into the university has invaluable knowledge and experience awaiting them.

Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses: The undergraduate courses offered by Oxford are 3-year programs. In these 3 years, the university prepares the students to face and match the fast-paced field of economics and finance, by providing them hands-on experience and side by side teaching them the in and out of economics.

The courses they offer for undergraduates are BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (Hons.), BA in Economics & Management (Hons), and BA in History and Economics (Hons). The courses offered have different electives that students can choose to make the course more centralized towards their career/interests.

Fees structure Postgraduate Courses: For people who are looking to amp up in the field of economics, Oxford has an excellent program in MPhil in Economics. This course is for you if you are looking to start a career as an academic or researcher in economics.

The course duration is for 21 months where you learn about the advanced mechanisms of economics.

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3. University of Cambridge.

The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the UK. Known around the world for its high-quality programs, it offers far-reaching students undergraduate and graduates courses up to Ph.D. in Economics. The University has many faculties who are world leaders in their field of study, serve on international panels of the various economic organization while side by side serving on a number of other research assemblies.

Other than its brilliant professors, the university encourages faculty of leading academicians and professionals, from all over the globe, to visit and interact with its students to allow for a complete view of international affairs. The teaching methods give students and an international academic experience, expanding his or her horizon. As one of the most selective universities in the world, a thorough screening of students is done to ensure that the limited seats are filled with the best and brightest minds among the student population.

It has one of the best libraries in the country, one which is well stocked with scientific lines and extensive collections of source materials such as journals and monographs. The university also has a large number of sections dedicated exclusively to economic studies. This allows for high-intensity research no matter which side of the economics you decide to specialize in. Known for its developmental economics, the university provides ample scope for further progress for the same.

Courses offered

Undergraduate Courses: At the undergraduate level, Cambridge offers a BA in economics degree which is a 3-year program. All applicants are required to take a written exam, where the test consists of two sections: Problem-solving and advanced mathematics multiple-choice questions and write an extended essay responding to an excerpt of text.

If your application looks interesting and promising then you will be called for an interview. There are other factors than the application that Cambridge looks at, including the passion and capability of the students.

Fees structure Postgraduate Courses: Under postgraduate taught courses, the University of Cambridge offers an MPhil in Economics, an MPhil in Finance and Economics, and an MPhil in Economic Research. All the courses mentioned above are for the duration of 11 months. As for basic entry requirements, you need to submit your application with a CV, references, proof of English proficiency, GRE scores, etc.

Fees structure

4. University College of London

A Public Research University of United Kingdom, University College of London is also the oldest of such universities, has been a famous name in and outside of the UK for years. The University offers undergraduate and graduate courses in economics, amongst other courses, and is highly known for its MPhil in economics. Every course consists of thorough training in a specific research program, to generate scholars who are experts in framing economic policies, as well as get the experience of working in the market. Moreover, a thriving Exchange Program furthers the inputs in knowledge, allows students a chance to learn from other leading institutes.

Courses offered

Undergraduate Courses: At the undergraduate level, UCL provides a general BSc course. Under the course of BSc in economics, students can choose various modules to cater to their needs.

Fees structure

Postgraduate Courses:

As for the postgraduate degree, UCL offers an MPhil for the people looking to revamp their career as well as get a good picture on their CV. The MPhil course of economics at UCL provides everything that people need for further studies.

Fees structure

5. University of Warwick

Situated in Coventry England, University of Warwick is a public research university known for its good faculty, excellent stimulating environment, and friendly atmosphere. The university is unique for using a high valued training which infuses the teaching of advanced topics in economics along with enhanced analytical training in specific areas; providing students the opportunity to become skilled at their respective subject. This university offers research for undergraduates under the direction of scholars, which enables them to prepare for a graduate degree program. Due to the amazing background of alumni, plenty of recruiters welcome the graduates from this university in appropriate work areas.

The department of economics is given an equal amount of importance at the University of Warwick. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate courses and MSc courses (postgraduate).

Courses offered

Undergraduate Courses: At the undergraduate level, Warwick offers a degree in BSc Economics, BSc Economics, and Industrial Organization, and BSc/BA Economics, Politics, and International Studies. All the courses offered are based to give the students an all-rounded experience regarding everything economics. Students get to have hands-on experience about the market and get to research about it while looking at the theory in class.

Fees structure Postgraduate Courses: Postgraduate degree in Warwick is only available as MSc degrees. Under the MSc degrees, you can choose between MSc Economics, MSc Economics and International Financial Economics, MSc Behavioral and Economic Science, and MSc Finance and Economics. The courses offered by Warwick as further studies are perfect to enhance your CVs as well as get extra knowledge about the field you are in or would be interested to explore.

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