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English has become a universal language of communication today. Such has been the globalization of the Queen's language that even non-English speaking countries that once vehemently opposed the usage of English are now going out and out to learn the language to further their economic interests. With such importance being placed on the spoken and written aspect of the language, several colleges and institutes in London are offering various levels of English language courses for people looking at different levels of language proficiency.

English language courses for international students

There is a gamut of English language courses available in the institutes of London that cater to various requirements. These courses are either of short duration which can be as brief as two weeks or include long duration programs that may run up to a year. The courses are designed to suit the requirements of various people - students of the junior school, senior school, students from non-English speaking nations, professionals, businesspeople and the like. These courses are offered both, in classrooms as well as online. Some of the favorite courses in the English Language that are provided in London are:

Top English Language Schools in London

King Street College
Catering to about 800 students from 40 different nations, King Street College offers English language training in the general category and exam-focused ones. Classes are held in small groups of about seven students that allow for better interaction between students, thus enhancing their communication skills and knowledge exchange. The average fee for 15 hours/week course for a year is 995 pounds and about 165 pounds for a two weeks program of 60 hours.

Barnet Southgate College

Offering a gamut of courses for everyone - from school leavers to adults, high school goes to international students - Barent College has designed comprehensive syllabi that make learning the English language easy. It is possibly one of those few places where you may encounter a mini world with people from across cultures choosing it to understand English better. The college has batches of about 15-20 people and the fee averages to less than 200 pounds.

English [Out There]

Practicing a hands-on approach to learning a language, English [Out There] has an English language learning program for everyone. Students are offered real-time lessons through public interaction, therefore making language lessons fun, practical and easy to understand and remember. Courses here cost about 22 pounds for a three-hour session, 110 pounds for 15 hours a week and between 225 and 750 pounds for courses ranging from two to twelve weeks.

Burlington School of English

From learning General English to polishing language skills for Business Development, preparing for English exams to enjoying junior and senior school courses, Burlington School of English makes language learning interesting. Costing about 35 pounds a week, English language courses here are of high standard.

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