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Last Updated: February 10, 2021

Enhance your English language skills in London

English has become a universal language of communication today. Such has been the globalization of the Queen's language that even non-English speaking countries that once vehemently opposed the usage of English are now going out and out to learn the language to further their economic interests. With such importance being placed on the spoken and written aspect of the language, several colleges and institutes in London are offering various levels of English language courses for people looking at different levels of language proficiency.

English language courses for international students

There is a gamut of English language courses available in the institutes of London that cater to various requirements. These courses are either of short duration which can be as brief as two weeks or include long-duration programs that may run-up to a year. The courses are designed to suit the requirements of various people - students of the junior school, senior school, students from non-English speaking nations, professionals, business people, and the like. These courses are offered both, in classrooms as well as online. Some of the favorite courses in the English Language that are provided in London are:

Top English Language Schools in London

After the increased amount of immigrants coming to London, it became increasingly important for people migrating to learn the language of the country - English. Since they did not get the opportunity to learn English anywhere else. Due to the high demand for learning English, schools or colleges teaching the English language started opening up.

The popularity of language schools is till date the same, if not more. Below are five of the most popular English language schools in London, that not only teach English to students but also adults of every age.

1. King Street College

Catering to more than 700 students from 40 different nations, King Street College has and continues to offer English language training in the general category mostly. They have courses available for full-time as well as part-time, which are from 4 to 30 hours a week, whichever is more convenient for the people enrolling.

In addition to that, they also provide training for IELTS and Cambridge-recognized exams such as FCE, CAE, and CPE. Moreover, Kings Street also teaches other exam-focused and specialist courses that are in high demand by teenagers and college-going students. Classes are held in small groups of about seven students that allow for better interaction between students, thus enhancing their communication skills and increasing knowledge exchange. The average fee for 15 hours/week course for a year is £900 and about £160 pounds for a two weeks program of 60 hours.

Kings Street College also has years of experience in providing guidance and assistance to people regarding their visa requirements, entry requirements to a college of their choice, and finding affordable accommodation in London.

2. Barnet Southgate College

Offering a gamut of courses for everyone; from school leavers to adults, high school students to international students - Barnet College has designed comprehensive syllabi that make learning the English language easy. It is possibly one of those few places where you may encounter a mini world with people from across cultures choosing it to understand English better. The college has batches of about 15-20 people and the fee averages to less than 200 pounds.

The college has grown into more than teaching English and offers courses for science, sports, computing and much more. Regardless of the various programs provided by the college, their main focus is on the English language.

At Barnet, you would also find a lot of online courses available, which helps the students study from anywhere. Moreover, they have accommodation facilities available for students who would prefer living and study on the same campus.

3. English Out There (EOT)

Practicing a hands-on approach to learning a language, English Out There has an English language learning program for everyone. Students are offered real-time lessons through public interaction, therefore making language lessons fun, practical, and easy to understand and remember. The course they have created is flexible for students wanting to learn in the classroom as well as the ones who have to learn online.

Courses offered by English Out There aren't just focused on the English language, but they extend to other languages such as Korean, Spanish, and Chinese. Every course is available as an eBook, which is easily accessible from their website. At English Out There, you will learn the general English language and get certified for it. It starts with the beginner course and can go up to the advanced level, but if you are confident in your skills, then it is possible to pick up a course according to the level you would want to learn from.

Courses at English Out There are at a more affordable price point. A three-hour session costs £22, a fifteen-hour session would be for £110 and lastly, for courses that are for longer period of time, the cost can range between £300 to £700.

4. Burlington School of English

At Burlington, you can find courses for every need of yours. They have a range of courses which are focused on teaching the English language. At Burlington, you would find courses for adults, young learners, and for a bunch of people looking for learning the language together.

The Burlington School also provides residential teaching as well as accommodation to the students who are looking to study and live on the same campus. On the other hand, they have introduced online learning courses for students who want to learn but cannot come to the campus to do so.

The courses Burlington offers are tailor-made for the batch you would join. For example, the course for adults focuses on preparing them for IELTS, Cambridge exam, Business English, and other needs, while the young learner course is based on summer, winter, spring, and autumn programs.

The fees for the courses depend on the type of course you choose. The fees for an adult course are between £170 to £260. The fees for young learners are much more since they are for summer, winter, spring, and autumn programs and hence are for a longer duration. The fees for the day program is £500 whereas for residential courses is around £800.

5. The London School of English

Established in 1921, The London School of English has been teaching English to people from all around the globe for more than 100 years. It has teachers who are experienced and have been recognized by professionals. The courses offered by the London School of English are on two mediums: online and offline. For offline courses, the group of students has been consistently small for better reach and understanding. That being said, if someone wishes to learn online, they would also experience the same small-group setting like the classroom and get a chance to interact with their peers in different parts of the world.

The London School of English offers courses for general English, IELTS & TOEFL preparation, business professionals, and even English for lawyers. Furthermore, they provide accommodation to people who have special circumstances as well. The special case with London School is that you can opt to do your courses half through offline classes and a half through online classes. Meaning that if you are unable to come to campus due to some pressing issues, the school allows you to take the classes online.

The fees for studying English at the London School of English depends on the number of weeks you would be studying there. The amount stated in the fees per week - for a course of 1 to 4 weeks the fees is £600, for 5 to 8 weeks is £550 and for 9 to 24 weeks the fees are £500. The courses start every Monday and you can book your choice of course online, through their website.

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