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In recent years, United Kingdom is rated as the top most destinations in the world for pursuing MBA education. In fact, the number of MBA students in the UK was more than the total number of students in the rest of the Europe as per the survey was done by the British Council research department. In addition to Oxford and Cambridge, London Business School, UK has numerous universities offering MBA degree, which rank among the best in the world. In 2014, London Business School ranked 1st in Financial Times as top European MBA School.

Why choose UK for MBA?
An MBA student of UK has the option to select an area of concentration and focus approximately one-third of their studies in that particular area. Some of the MBA courses offered by UK universities and colleges are:
  • Financial Management (EIA)
  • Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • E-Business
  • Finance
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • IT Management
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations and Reputation Management
  • Dual Program - Master of Business Administration Combined with Association of Chartered Certified
  • Global Management

    Types of MBA
    MBA courses are offered both part time and full time in the UK. The duration of full-time MBA is one year, which is further split into nine months of course work and three months of dissertation or project work. Part-time MBA program can go over 21 months. The full-time courses offered are either are fully residential or college programs.

    Working while studying
    The UK also allows the MBA pursuing students to do jobs along with the course. The students can work for 20 hours a week as per the rules. This gives them more knowledge about the market. The students who have applied for six months or more courses in the UK can entitle the service of NHC (National Health Centre).

    To pursue MBA from the UK, the student must possess a Bachelor?s degree or equivalent degree from a reputed university or college, high GMAT score with both TOEFL and IELTS scores, work experience and a good academic record are necessary. Some of the universities also ask for well-reasoned essays explaining why you want to do an MBA and how you see yourself contributing to the campus environment.

    As per the work experience is concerned most universities ask for 2-3 years full-time experience but students enrolling in the Lancaster School must have eight years of average work experience. Some of the universities ask the students for at least one reference letter from their current employer. Such letter serves as an additional advantage for the students, which tells about how the individual is different from other aspirants.

    Top universities offering accredited MBA programs are:

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • City University, London
  • London Business School
  • Warwick Business School
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Leeds

    Tuition fees
    The tuition fee for MBA may vary enormously within the UK itself. The tuition fee for a year can be 10,000 to - 30,000 pounds. The tuition fee at Birmingham City University is around 10,000 pounds/year as it is the one of the cheapest city of UK. Certain universities also provide flexibility in the payment over three installments.

    Cost of living
    As per the record, the cost of living in the UK is one of the highest in the world. According to the Lancaster University, estimate cost of living will come to around 8,500 pounds/year. Most of the universities offer financial assistance to international students based on their merit and academic record, which vary from university to university and level of study. Scholarships are not available on a large scale in the UK. It is only for exceptionally bright students who qualify it.

    The degrees provided by the UK institutes are valid all over the world, and they tally with the international standards. Students can expect bright career prospects after completion of their MBA in the UK. As per the records, 90 percent of MBA's from the UK experience 40-60 percent uplift in salary, with an average salary being 62,000 pounds/yr.

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