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Every single person wishes for a perfect dream job with a very high paycheck. The best way to make this dream to come true is to tailor your studies with the requirements of different sectors i.e. depending on the country where you hope to work there will be certain areas which pay well above the rest. The United Kingdom has a booming economic growth and provides tremendous opportunities in various fields such as Medicine, Management Studies, and Public Service Professions as per the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings conducted every year by the Office of National Statistics. By tailoring your studies to one of the aforementioned sectors, you will allow yourself the opportunity to work in one of them in the future.

A list of the most flourishing jobs in the United Kingdom has been put together below according to the data from the Office for National Statistics which analyzes the U.K economy giving insights about the changing demands that need attention.


This includes Chief Executive Officers and General Managers who form the head of an organization. A CEO's responsibilities include being a good leader, administrator, and a top performer. Good communication and inter-personal skills form the foundation of such individuals along with a top class MBA degree. This field is very popular in U.K and also has a global emphasis with an average pay of 80,000 to 90,000 pounds. in 2016/2017 job growth in management area was ~


This includes commercial pilots, flight engineers, and aircraft navigators. Their responsibilities include verifying and supervising the engines and other critical flight parameters before the take-off; navigating and ensuring a safe flight journey. To excel in this field, a good understanding is needed in the areas of Physics and Mathematics along with A-level General Certificate of Secondary Examinations and a minimum of 1500 hours of flying. The average pay scale comes to around 65,000 to 75,000 pounds.


This is another popular field that is always in need of knowledgeable professionals due to the increase in diseases and medical problems. It is a vast area with a variety of specializations such as surgery, psychiatry, general medicine, anesthesia, etc. Studies include the initial 5-year medical degree followed by a minimum of another 3-5 years of post graduate specialization studies. All the doctors here must have also received a license to practice from the General Medical Council (GMC) irrespective of whether they are engaged in the National Health Sector or a private organization along with satisfying the requirements of the UK Border Agency if one is an International professional. The average pay comes to around 75,000 to 85,000 pounds.


This includes Barristers, Solicitors, Judges, etc. who represent individual clients as well as organizations in legal issues. Their responsibilities vary from courtroom defense to legal counseling depending upon their qualification. A basic Law degree is required along with other specific courses as per the area of specialization. This is an omnipresent field with immense opportunities all around the world. The average pay scale comes to around 50,000 to 60,000 pounds.


This is a huge sector including various sub-fields such as Automotive industry (with a turnover of around 50 billion), Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industry (with a global base), Materials Engineering and Aerospace industry (with a turnover of around 15 billion). Around 7 to 8 million people in the UK from this sector making it 7th largest worldwide. The average annual income comes to around 40,000 to 50,000 pounds.

The United Kingdom offers tremendous opportunities in a variety of fields making it one of the leading industrialized regions in the world. So plan your studies in advance accordingly.

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