Scholarships for International Students in UK

Studying in the UK has immense value for international students - UK qualifications are internationally recognized, and the quality of teaching is high. helps in finding funding for your chosen course through links to scholarships and approved websites. A lot of scholarships only cover postgraduate degrees, but resourceful students can find funding for specific courses.

Studying in the UK offers real value, and it might cost less than you think.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

This is a scholarship for Commonwealth students in the UK (mostly graduate students) with various amounts offered depending upon the country and other criteria.


The cost of UK higher education courses can be brought down with the several good scholarships and financial support schemes available. It is true that there is a lot of demand for this funding, but it is well worth taking a look at what is available.

Students on degree courses at the University of Cambridge should consider the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust. The Trust provides funding to students of exceptional academic merit through a range of scholarship schemes by working with partners from all over the world.

If you are hoping to begin a degree course at the University of Cambridge, make use of the tool below to see a list of scholarships for which you might be eligible.

It must be noted that there are only very few awards available for UK and EU students at present. Nonetheless, the Trust is working towards a full scholarship program for students from any country.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

These are full-cost awards that cover graduate study and research in any course at the University of Cambridge. All international students from across the globe are encouraged to apply. Around 100 new Gates Scholars are awarded every year, and they are financially supported by their tuition and fees, airfare, maintenance allowances, and even a dependant's allowance.

Chevening Scholarships

This is a flagship scholarship scheme offered by the U.K. government. A thousand scholarships are made available to outstanding international students who are looking to study in the U.K. for graduate school every year.

Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham (UK)

These scholarships are designed for international students from developing countries in the Commonwealth with many awards going to individuals from Africa and India. To apply for the scholarship, you must be an applicant for graduate school and hope to make a difference to their home country's development. Every year, 105 scholarships are given out - 30 of them cover the full cost of tuition while 75 cover only half the cost.

International Students Scholarships at the University of Birmingham

International candidates looking to start a one-year Master's program can apply for 18 individual scholarships. The awards are worth £10,000 and can only be used for the tuition fees for a one-year graduate course.

International Students Scholarships at Cardiff University

Cardiff University provides a very prestigious International Scholarship Fund in recognition of the exceptional talent of a lot of international students that want to study in the U.K. There are three undergraduate scholarships, six master's scholarships, and some postgraduate research scholarships. The scholarships cover the full cost of tuition over the duration of your studies.

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