BSc/MSc/PhD in Economics

One of the ever growing and evolving social science, economics, is an integral part to study the financial matters of the world and determines the country's progress on an international level. One of the leading places, to offer the finest course in economics is the United Kingdom; birthplace of systematic study of economics with the famous Industrial Revolution of 18th Century. The UK offers a host of areas for Historical Research in Economics. The United Kingdom is one of the oldest in the initiation of economic studies, provides a better grip over the core of the subject.

BSc Degree Courses in Economics

Admission Requirements

MSc in Economics

Unlike a simple BSc degree in Economics, getting admitted for a graduate masters degree is much tougher because the number of applicants is very high, the number of seats in the top universities is very low. The United Kingdom offers both an MA and MSc in economics. Unique Characteristics of the Masters Program
Cost: The Average tuition fees charged varies between, EUR 15,000 to EUR 20,000.
Requirement: High scores in English Language Tests (IELTS), outstanding letters of recommendation, a high GRE score (320+), and a unique statement of purpose.

PhD In Economics

Unique Characteristics Of a Ph.D. in Economics in the UK
Cost: The Average tuition fees charged varies between EUR 26,000 - EUR 30,000.
Requirements: Apart from the higher level of Proficiency in the English language, a higher score in GRE, Distinction at Masters Level or a not less than the upper second class with honors in Economics, a research proposal is expected.

A career in economics in London/UK

There are plenty of options for economics graduates in London/UK. In fact, economics graduates make the most money out of all the other graduates. However, the amount of money you make is directly linked to the institution that awarded you the economics degree.

Competition at some of the most selective institutions is fierce for places in economics. The renowned London School of Economics (LSE) and University College London are great places to study economics in London, and they both require students to have A* grades in A-level math. The University of Bath wants an A for the A-Level economics. Additionally, the University of Cambridge requires an A in A-Level Mathematics.

A degree in economics not only gives you an edge in the workplace. It also leaves you with some skills such as data analysis. Additionally, you become conversant with various software programs like MATLAB and IBM SPSS, and this commands a premium among employers.

A diverse array of career options
An economics degree will get your foot in the door into investment banking and retail banking, management consultancy, actuarial science and finance. A lot of graduates venture into public policy, finance journalism and think tanks. There isn't much difference between the options for economics graduates in the UK and over in the United States.

Like in the US, qualifications command a high premium for economics. When you have a Master's or Doctorate to your name, you will find your services, especially in demand. Interestingly, during the financial crisis, it was economics graduates that came out on top. The Higher Education Statistics Agency reported that Cambridge economics graduates made the most money among 2008's university leavers; the graduates were earning an average salary of over EUR38,000 six months after graduating.

Careers with economics degree

More recent data reveals that the highest paid graduates of LSE are earning EUR 29,000 on average six months after they leave. This is a very high number after taking into consideration that the average holder of a new medical degree gets a EUR 32,000 salary.

Economics ranks on par with medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, biotechnology and chemical engineering as the most lucrative higher education courses.

Potential employers

Bank of England - Recruit undergraduate and postgraduate economists to analyze and interpret a wide range of economic and financial data. Opportunity for internships as well.
CEBR, London - Independent economics and business research consultancy that advices companies of all sizes with analytics and economic data.
Charles River Associates - International consulting firm offering analysis to governments, law firms, international agencies, et al.
Markit Economics, London and Oxfordshire - Generates reports and offers online information services and businesses and financial institutions.
NERA Economic Consulting - Global firm of economists providing economic analysis and advice to corporations, regulatory agencies, trade associations, et al.

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