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South America, one of the largest continents offers some options for higher studies. A diverse culture and topography allow for a plethora of options. In addition to the countries in its large land mass, South America also includes its neighboring islands like Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. The rich mineral resources such as silver, gold, petroleum, iron ore and copper found across the continent are considered to be the continent's wealth leading to employment as well as helping the economy. South American forests are said to have a high biodiversity which contains a majority of the Earth's species that attract naturalists and conservationists from the world over. The continent is said to have a Spanish influence, with the language being spoken in almost all the countries. The second most popular language is Portuguese. Tourism is a major source of income. The largest and most popular countries in South America include Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Venezuela. It can prove to be an exciting place to study due to its natural beauty and the people who considered being very warm. A mix of bustling cities along with lush rainforests provides scope for both learning and leisure.

Masters level courses in South America

Masters in Editorial Design at IED, Sao Paulo- This course is designed for those interested in the publishing business. And train them to work with skill and creativity.

CEMS MIM Master's in International Management - CEMS is an alliance of business schools companies and NGOs that offer this particular course. The highlight of the course is that it is a pre experience postgraduate degree and is open to multi lingual students allowing them to study at a different school for a semester.

Master of Environmental Management at Universidad de Los Andes - The course is taught in Spanish and is for increasing awareness in environmental preservation and is specifically designed for those interested in working in organizations for environmental conservation.

Master in Jewellery Design (IED )Istituto Europeo DI Design at Sao Paulo - The course is structured keeping in mind business management and strategy in jewelry design. The course also includes other components such as accessories, handbags, etc.

Master of Music in Music Education (M.Mus.Ed) at Anderson University South Carolina- This is primarily an online course with options for on campus workshops and courses. It incorporates the latest techniques in music teaching and learning.

Master in Luxury and Fashion Management - Sao Paulo IED - Istituto Europeo di Design- This course is offered in partnership with Newton Management Innovation, and is a mix of visits to major companies, theoretical classes, etc. with an emphasis on marketing and communications.

In addition to those listed above, a number of universities offer not an only online course but also a combination of online and on campus courses. Now that we have seen a tiny slice of courses that can be studied in South America, we can take a look at the most popular destinations among the various countries in this continent.


A country which has one of the largest Spanish speaking populations in the world, Argentina has a wonderful mix of rural and urban centers for any student to explore. One of the ideal settings for studying social sciences, considering their rich indigenous heritage and that they had inherited from Spanish invaders a few centuries ago. It is a great location to study its complex politics, history, and culture to gain a Latin American perspective on issues. The country has its visa requirements which need to be checked before making any travel plans.


Brazil has a dedicated portal, 'Study in Brazil' that is designed to address all of your questions regarding the pursuit of higher studies in the country. A nonprofit organization (BELTA) monitors the Brazilian Exchange Bureau that has partnerships with some countries worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom for educational collaborations and traineeships. Brazil is one of the fastest emerging countries in the world. Along with a host of natural resources and having the highest exports in cash crops, it is also one of the largest consumer markets in the world. The most popular programs of studies in Brazil include Odontology, Medicine, Biology, Veterinary medicine and Dermatology.

The Amazon forest is a rich destination for those interested in studying ecology and wildlife while cosmopolitan cities offer courses in management that specializes in emerging economies. CAPES is an agency that provides information about different courses in Brazil and grant scholarships. FAUBAI is another extremely useful resource to pinpoint your university of choice for higher education.


Chile's relative economic and political stability and its natural attractions make it one of the preferred destinations for higher studies in South America. MBA and Ph.D. programs are very popular in this country along with courses in political science, economics and Hispanics studies. Among foreign students, 82.7% opt for Masters Course while 17.3% opt for Ph.Ds. While the MBA course at Universidad Catolica de Chile Business School is ranked second best in the entire continent, the university is regularly featured in the Top universities in the world. Other famous universities include Universidad Catalica de Valparaiso and Universidad Austral de Valdivia. Some programs at Chile are in partnership with other universities in North America and Europe, allowing a diverse exposure to students. The Chilean government offers some scholarships for post graduate studies.

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