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Last Updated: March 25, 2021

Pursuing a petroleum engineering degree from Canada

Petroleum Engineering is the sector that deals with the study of natural gas and crude oil, the development of the many oil reservoirs around the globe, its depletion. Courses in Petroleum Engineering include education in various fields of petroleum geology, economics, thermo-hydraulics, and intelligent systems i.e. all the information you will require for a full-filling career in this field of work. Canada is an ideal destination for such a course because of its rich oil reserves which provide ample opportunities to the Ambitious, besides, Canadian universities foster excellent ties with the industry, allowing their graduate students important connections which allow for easy recruitment after the completion of the course.

Why choose Canada for petroleum engineering?

General Facts about Petroleum Engineering from Canada

Top Universities/Colleges for Petroleum Engineering in Canada

  1. University of Calgary
  2. University of Alberta
  3. University of Regina
  4. University of Dalhousie
  5. Memorial University of the Newfoundland
  6. Cape Breton University
  7. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
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Scholarships & Grants

Financial aid is quite tricky to get in Canadian universities - especially for international students. However, financial aid is not the only way to get an affordable education in Canada. Plenty of schools might offer scholarships to students by academic merit, for foreign applicants/students specifically, and it is mostly available for either undergraduate or postgraduates. Students who perform exceptionally well (also known as outstanding academic performance) may be awarded a part waiver or a full waiver of their tuition fees. In these cases, the student has to pay for their living costs only, and not worry about their academic fee. Although it is important to keep in mind that a lot of people do apply for such awards, and thus the scholarships might not cover the whole study cost.

However, some universities may award students with outstanding academic performance with the tuition fee and the living costs waived off. This is not so common in Canadian universities, but it is a possibility in one of the top universities. In Canadian universities, students will find plenty of scholarships - no matter if they are in an undergraduate course or a postgraduate course. Furthermore, the Canadian government has introduced quite a few scholarships to aid international students. Most governmental scholarships do not require over-the-top academic performance. However, hundreds and thousands of students apply for these scholarships, in order to stand out it is important to keep a good academic record.

Below is a list of all the popular scholarships that are provided by the Canadian universities & government: To know about more scholarships and how to apply click here

Advantages of pursuing a petroleum engineering degree

Cost of Living

Canada offers a superb way of life to its natives and the state additionally gives different advantages to its residents. The state offers world-class well-being administrations to its residents and that excessively free.

Life and living in Canada

The expense for living in Canada ranges anywhere between $8,000 to 15,000 each year. The cost rises even higher if students choose to live and study in major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. However, for different people, the expenses are different as it also depends on one's lifestyle and various other things. The major expenses could be divided as follows:

Job Prospects for Petroleum Engineers in Canada

Detailed look at the job market in petroleum industry in Canada.

Studying in Canada

Places to Study in Canada

Universities and Top Colleges

Top Degrees