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Last Updated: September 07, 2022

Study in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is one of the most ideal locations for international students to seek higher education. Being the fifth largest capital city in the continent, the city is known as the tenth best liveable city. The city has world-class educational institutions and the local economy always has career options that candidates can pursue both during and after their educational years.

The city has a living cost that is lower than other capital cities on the continent which is also one of the reasons that attract international students. Around 40,000 students from 120 different countries apply for programs here every year. South Australia also has various temporary and permanent migration pathways that students will be able to choose if they wish to live and work in the country for longer after completing their education.

Benefits of Studying in Adelaide

The benefits of studying in a city like Adelaide would mainly be the multicultural environment that students are exposed to due to the size of the international student population in the city. Students will be able to understand and learn about South Australia better and be part of international sporting events and other local activities that happen throughout the year in the city. A few other benefits of studying in this city include the-

Places to Live in Adelaide

Finding accommodation for students is one of the easiest tasks in Adelaide since the city has accommodation spaces that are designed for students in general. Students will generally have to choose from options like- The cost of staying at each of these places varies drastically but students will find that most of these options are affordable on a student's budget, especially when compared to the accommodation costs in other cities in the country. Students generally opt to live in and near the city center from where they will be able to walk or bike to their universities.

Cost of Living in Adelaide

The city of Adelaide is considered to be 14% more affordable than other cities in the country. The place has a low average rent, low food and transportation expenses, etc. making it one of the best international study destinations for all programs. Rent and entertainment expenses will be the highest for candidates who are living here followed by grocery and utility bills.

The estimated monthly expense for a student living here is around AU$1,400. This can be divided as follows-
ExpenseAmount per week
Utility BillAU$30
Public TransportAU$15

Grocery Expenses

The basic grocery expenses in the city are-

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

The accommodation expenses that one will have to pay while living in Adelaide are dependent on the kind of accommodation one chooses to have and the distance that they are from the city center. The lowest rent that one will have to pay will be if they are staying at hostels or guesthouses but this will include sharing at least spaces like kitchen, laundry, etc. with other students. Shared rentals will be the next least expensive places to live in followed by on-campus accommodations and rentals.

The rent that one will have to pay can range from AU$90 to AU$440 per week based on their accommodation choice.

Transportation Expenses

This city is known as the 20-minute city due to its compact size of the city and ease with which one can travel to most parts of the city. Candidates will be able to walk, cycle, or take the tram to get around the entire city and they will generally not have to travel more than 20 minutes to get to their desired location. Walking and cycling are the most commonly chosen means of transportation followed by the use of public transportation.

Candidates who prefer using public transport will find that international students have discounted tickets and they will be able to take buses, trams, or trains. A one-way ticket on public transport will cost around AU$4 and candidates will also be able to get a monthly pass for AU$105 without a discount.

Top Universities in Adelaide

University of Adelaide

This university was established in the year 1874 and is a public research university. It is also the third oldest university in the country. It has a student population of around 27,000 along with over 1,500 academic staff. The faculties offered here include health & medical sciences, engineering & technology, business, law, economics, and arts.

University of South Australia

This public university was established in the year 1856. It is the largest university in the country with a student population of 35,000 along with over 2,800 academic staff. It has faculties for allied health & human performance, clinical & health sciences, business, education, justice & society, STEM, etc.

Flinders University

This university was established in the year 1966 and is a public research university. It has a student population of around 26,000 along with over 1,300 academic staff. It has colleges for business, government & law, education, psychology & social work, humanities, arts & social sciences, medicine & public health, nursing & health sciences, science & engineering, etc.

Torrens University Australia

This university was established in the year 2012 and is a private, non-profit university that has been gaining popularity over the years. It has a student population of around 19,000. It has schools for business & communication, design, media design, hotel management, hospitality management, etc. It has research institutions for artificial intelligence, change & agility, cardiopulmonary health, etc.

Entertainment Options in Adelaide

Adelaide is a student city which implies that the city does not lack in its share of entertainment activities. This is also true because it is a tourist-friendly destination. Students will be able to spend their time going to beaches, or they will be able to shop their way in markets. They will also be able to explore the varying cuisines the city has to offer.

Most of all, the city has plenty of art galleries and museums from where students will be able to learn about the city and its cultural heritage. They will also be able to learn much about the history of South Australia.

Places to Visit in Adelaide

Candidates who are living in Adelaide will be able to visit different kinds of places including museums, parks, zoos, etc. depending on their interests. They will also be able to go to beaches or low-key cafes if they wish to spend their time by themselves. Since most of the destinations are only a walk or bus ride away, they will be able to explore most of the heritage sites the city has to offer thereby learning a lot about South Australian culture. A few of the must-visit places in the city are-

Things to do in Adelaide

Candidates who love doing activities throughout the year will find that the city of Adelaide always has something or the other that one can try. From doing outdoor activities at beaches to partying at pubs, candidates will be able to find what suits them best. They will also be able to go around the city learning about the culture and heritage the city has to offer. Since it is the capital city of South Australia, candidates will find that there are a few many galleries and museums that one will be able to go to.

A few of the must-do things in the city are-

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