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Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Guide to Pursuing Masters in Business Administration in Australia

Why Do an MBA Course?

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after degrees in the modern-day. Increasing corporate competition and the emergence of a variety of new industries and technologies have led to companies looking for scientific and objective management skills. Employment opportunities for people with certified management skills are numerous and as such, an MBA degree provides such people with immense opportunities to succeed. An MBA degree from a reputed institution therefore may set up a person financially for life. A typical high-quality MBA program will include training in the following skills: accounting, applied statistics, human resources, business communication, business ethics, business law, business strategy, finance, managerial economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, supply-chain management, and management analysis and strategy.

MBAs in Australia

Many people will recognize Australia not only as a good place to live in but also a good location to establish oneself academically and to get a degree. It is also a popular destination for international students to get their MBAs as their Master's degree. The different schools and universities in Australia are well-reputed worldwide and often offer very competitive professional experiences and industry links. So if you’re a local or an international student who is looking to take up an MBA course in Australia, here are some reasons to do so:

Modes of Learning

Master’s in Business Administration in Australia are usually: (1) full-time; (2) part-time; or, (3) online.
  1. Full-time MBA programs are the most popular type of MBA programs and are offered by all Business schools and colleges in Australia. This type of program is usually taken with a regular full-time schedule with regular (mostly daily) classes and other academic activities happening on a regular basis. Participation in a full-time program usually allows students to have the full campus experience, allowing them to participate in clubs, extracurriculars, and university social life. The main benefit of doing a full-time program is that students get to focus on the recruitment process and interviews which may take up to several months.

    Most full-time programs in Australia require 2 years or around 80-90 weeks. Some universities have special ‘streamlined’ courses which take up only 1 year or 40-50 weeks, depending on the institution.
  2. Part time MBA programs are for people working full time day jobs, and thus cannot be part of full-time programs. In part-time programs, one usually has evening or night classes, mostly on weekends, so that they may be able to take part in the course while maintaining their jobs. Most programs offer students one or two classes each semester with a fixed schedule and syllabus, depending on their course structure. Some universities may offer students the option to opt for ‘flexible’ courses, which allow them greater autonomy in deciding when to take exams and courses. These flexible courses typically can last up to 6-7 years, with regular part-time courses usually taking 2-4 years.

    Compared to full-time MBA programs, the employment and recruiting process is less of a focus but part-time students do have access to recruiting events. Almost every university offering full-time MBA courses also offers part-time MBA programs.
  3. Online MBA programs are also called distant learning or off-campus learning. These programs offer a good range of choices for MBA students who desire to study and further their education despite the scarcity of time or the challenge of distance. These programs are very flexible and enable the student to balance their studies and the demand of their other commitments. Some universities offering off-campus learning are Deakin University, University of South Australia, Southern Cross University and more. Most online programs cost a fraction of what a full-time program would cost and therefore are an extremely cost-effective and inexpensive way to secure a quality education.

So, make sure that you decide to pursue the type of degree which will suit your need the most. This choice will have to be made based on a variety of factors, including current occupation, financial viability, distance from the institution, and your specializations. Making the correct choice can hugely contribute to the development of your skillset and eventual personal growth.

Places to Pursue an MBA in Australia

There are different MBA programs located all over Australia-almost every corner in Australia has universities to choose from. You can choose whether you want to take it in Perth or Darwin, in Melbourne or Sydney. Some of the universities offering MBA courses are the University of Queensland, University of New England, Charles Darwin University, University of Melbourne, and more.

Are you eligible for an MBA in Australia?

The basic requirements for getting admission into an Australian business school are:

Tuition Fees for The Program

When it comes to fees, it depends on which category would you fall into (1) Local Student; and, (2) International Student.

MBA Specializations

Many MBA programs from Australian business schools cover a wide range of specializations. You will be provided various options from which to choose, which will dictate the area you would like to specialize in. Will it be Accounting, Global Business, E-commerce, Corporate Administration or Urban Estate Management, or any other selections from the diverse array which will be made available to you? You can look for a specialization based on your area of interest, or you may choose one that enables you to explore and touch other specializations in the course of the program, or even choose a specialization that may allow you to pursue a certain occupation in the future. Your choice of university may also depend on the specialization they may or may not offer to you.

Take note that your journey to enrolling in an MBA program from Australia starts with proper planning. You have to understand the things involving your interest in applying for the program. Prepare by equipping yourself with proper information about MBAs to make the correct decision in taking this academic endeavor.

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