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Last Updated: May 02, 2022

Study in Australia Without IELTS

International students who wish to study in Australia will be able to find that plenty of universities here do not have a mandatory language proficiency requirement like other study destinations. Though this is subject to various conditions and regulations, one will be able to find institutions that waive the language requirement depending on the candidate. Language tests like IELTS require candidates to prove their level of knowledge in English for aspects like reading, speaking, writing, and listening which can be highly essential while moving to an English-speaking country.

But at the same time, it can be an unnecessary hassle for students who have learned the language throughout their educational years or for those who have previously studied in an English-speaking country. Most Australian universities identify these exceptions and study every application before waiving the language proficiency test requirement. In some cases, exemplary students who are not proficient in the language will be accepted into universities under the condition that they take preparatory courses in Australia before starting with their educational program.

Who Can Study in Australia Without IELTS?

A few Australian universities allow students to enroll without submitting proof of language proficiency. But since the medium of instruction in most of the universities here is English, it will be necessary for students to prove that they are competent in the language through other means. The main exceptions provided are for students who have done their previous education in the medium of English and if the candidate is willing to take up preparatory courses in the language before commencing their first semester. The latter option is provided only to competent students who can guarantee to master the language through records of their previous academic excellence.

The students who can opt to study in Australia without IELTS include- While considering universities with no IELTS requirements, one should also be mindful of whether their Australian student visa requirements include an IELTS score. In such cases, one will have to clear the language proficiency test irrespective of whether or not their university has an IELTS requirement.

Universities Without IELTS Requirements

UniversityAlternative to IELTS
Victoria UniversityPTE, CAE, or completion of a previous course in English
Swinburne University of TechnologyPTE, CEF, VCE
The University of QueenslandCompletion of a previous course in English or work experience in an English environment
The University of AdelaideExempt from IELTS if students take up English preparatory programs along with their course
The University of New South WalesPTE, CAE, CPE, or completion of a previous course in English
The University of Southern QueenslandEnroll in and complete an English preparatory course
Bond UniversityC1 advanced, PTE, or completion of secondary education in English language
The University of South AustraliaCAE, CPE, PTE, CELUSA
Macquarie UniversityEnroll in preparatory course in English at the Macquarie University English Language Center

There are a few many universities in Australia where IELTS is not a mandatory requirement. But at the same time, the conditions for waiving language proficiency requirements are different for different institutions. Some universities might waive the requirement based on the country the candidate has done their previous education in, whereas some can require PTE or another proficiency test as a requirement. The list of the universities that exempt candidates from proving their language proficiency include-

Victoria University

This university does not require candidates to submit a proof of language proficiency if they have completed a previous educational qualification which was in the medium of English. They also accept PTE, CAE, and the First Certificate in English under Cambridge English as alternatives for IELTS.

Swinburne University of Technology

The Swinburne University of Technology accepts English tests like PTE Academic, CEF, and VCE English as alternatives to the IELTS. This institution also allows students to enroll in preparatory courses in English before their original course commences to make up for their lack of language proficiency. Candidates will be able to take the General English program or the English for Academic Purpose program which has a duration of 50 weeks as the preparatory course.

The University of Queensland

This is one of the most flexible universities when it comes to proving one’s English proficiency. Candidates who had English as their medium of instruction in their past education, those who have any other English certificate, or have work experience in an English-speaking work environment will be exempt from providing an IELTS certificate as long as they can prove the same.

The University of Adelaide

Candidates who are high achievers will be exempted from the IELTS requirement as long as they are willing to take up English preparatory programs with a duration of 1 or 2 semesters at this university. Those who clear their first semester with high grades in English will not be required to continue with the preparatory course in their second semester.

The University of New South Wales

While IELTS is not mandatory to study at this university, candidates will mostly have to take other English language certificates like PTE, CAE, or CPE. Apart from this, students will be able to get in touch with the university to enquire whether their credentials are enough to exempt them from the IELTS requirement. This will involve the candidate submitting proof of their previous English test scores or proof that they have been working in an English-speaking work environment for at least 2 years on a full-time or part-time basis.

The University of Southern Queensland

This university offers the only alternative of taking a preparatory course in English before providing admission if the candidate cannot prove their language proficiency. The preparatory course cannot be taken alongside the program they have chosen but will have to be completed with high scores if they wish to gain admission to the university.

Bond University

The Bond University allows candidates to prove their English language proficiency in ways other than submitting IELTS scores which will include taking alternate tests like C1 advanced or PTE. The university also admits international students who have completed their secondary education in an institution where the medium of instruction was English or if they studied in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, etc.

The University of South Australia

Candidates who are applying to this university will either be able to submit their IELTS scores or other alternate language proficiency proofs like CAE, CPE, and PTE. They also accept the CELUSA English Program Level 4 qualification from students. Candidates who have completed their previous education in Australia will not have to prove their proficiency in their language.

Macquarie University

This university is particular about the level of knowledge the candidate has in the English language since they have specific language requirements for different programs. Candidates who have stellar academic achievements in their respective field of study will be provided with conditional admission after which they can take a preparatory course in English at the Macquarie University English Language Center.

IELTS Requirement for Australian Student Visa

While Australian universities sometimes offer students an exemption from submitting IELTS scores, this might not be the case for obtaining a student visa in the country. Since Australia is an English-speaking country, candidates need to prove their language proficiency in the language if they wish to stay in the country for educational or work purposes.

Non-native English speakers will have to either submit their IELTS score or other English test scores that are generally accepted by educational institutions in the country as part of their student visa application. The other tests one can take include CPE, OET, CAE, and PTE. If the candidate has gained admission in an Australian institution that does not require proof of English proficiency, they will be able to submit the proof of admission to the institution instead.

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