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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Study in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one the most popular and expensive cities in Australia. It is also one of the popular study destinations in the country since despite being an expensive city it offers students with affordable study and living options. Students who live here will be able to study at one of the 6 Australian universities here. The place also has 11 campuses of other Australian universities all of which are known for different fields of study.

The city offers plenty of entertainment options for students as well which include both indoor and outdoor activities. Students will be able to hike and explore the city and they will also be able to visit beaches and parks that spread across different parts of the city. The city is also considered to be one of the top 10 study destinations in the world being home to a mixed cultural population of students from around the world.

Benefits of Studying in Sydney

The benefits of studying in a city like Sydney will mainly include the opportunities and knowledge students will get by immersing themselves in a culturally diverse environment. Since English is the most commonly used language here, students will easily be able to meet new people and explore different job opportunities while living here. The city is one of the most populous places in Australia and hence is an ideal location for students who love action. The other benefits of studying here include-

Places to Live in Sydney

Sydney is home to 6 Australian universities and also to 11 other university campuses. There are around 35 educational institutions in the city with a total of over 35,000 international students population. Since it is a student hub, there are plenty of localities where these students stay. These places are located close to their universities and generally provide cheaper accommodation rates. They will also have plenty of entertainment options that cater to the needs of students. A few of the most popular student cities in Sydney are-

Cost of Living in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most expensive places in Australia to live in but students will easily be able to budget their lifestyle especially if they plan to work while studying in this city. Accommodation is one of the most expensive factors that students will have to consider while they are here. Other expenses that students will have will be dependent on their lifestyle. Entertainment options are expensive in the city but they can be way cheaper within student localities.

The cost of living in the city is estimated to be around 1,500A$ without calculating rent. The amount that one generally spends for entertainment can range between 80A$ to 150A$ per week on average.

Grocery Expenses

The basic grocery expenses in Sydney are-

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Accommodation expenses in Sydney are extremely high when compared to other parts of Australia. The expense is dependent on various factors like how far one lives from the city center and the kind of accommodation they have chosen. Students will be able to live in shared accommodations near universities or studio apartments if they wish to reduce the accommodation cost.

The estimated accommodation cost for living in an apartment can range between 1,750A$ to 2,500A$ per month. This is dependent on how close one lives to the city center. The average utility expenses that one will have is estimated to be around 200A$ per month

Transportation Expenses

The most popular means of transportation in Sydney is public transportation which includes buses, trains, and even ferries. Students, tourists, and locals prefer using this mode of transport since it is fast and also cost-efficient throughout the country. Students will also be able to use the light rail while living here. Traveling costs in buses are calculated based on the distance traveled and are around 2.20A$ to 2.80A$ for 0-3 km.

Students will be able to purchase Opal Cards to use the public transportation which can be recharged. The monthly rate for this card is 217A$.

Popular Programs to Study in Sydney

A few of the popular programs one can study while in Sydney include-

Top Universities in Sydney

A few of the best universities in Sydney include-

University of Western Sydney

This university was established in the year 1989 and is a public university with a student population of over 48,000. The institution has over 1,600 academic staff and it provides programs at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. It has schools for business, education, medicine, law, humanities, health, science, psychology, engineering, social sciences, etc.

Macquarie University

This university was established in the year 1964 and is the third university that was established in Sydney. It has a student population of around 44,000 along with over 1,700 academic staff. There are 35 departments in the university under 4 main faculties. These faculties include arts, business, medicine & health sciences, and engineering.

University of New South Wales

This university was established in the year 1949 and it is focused mainly on research. It offers programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. It has a student population of around 63,000 along with over 3,200 academic staff. The university has faculties for arts, architecture, business, engineering, law & justice, medicine & health, sciences, etc.

University of Sydney

This university was established in the year 1850. It is the first university to be set up in Australia and has a student population of 60,000 along with over 3,700 academic staff. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. The institution has 11 libraries in all that are spread across its different campuses. The areas of interest for this institution include law, medicine, music, architecture, science, engineering, education, social work, etc.

University of Technology Sydney

This public university was established in the year 1964 and is focused on research. It has programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. It has a student population of around 45,000 along with over 1,900 academic staff. It has plenty of departments under nine faculties. These faculties include arts & social sciences, business, engineering & information technology, science, law, health, etc.

Entertainment Options in Sydney

Students living in Sydney will be able to explore the city with its historically and culturally important locations. They will be able to enjoy the music and art the city has to offer along with the diverse and unique cuisine the city has. Since the city is a popular port, one will be able to spend time on beaches or they could even go hiking the different trails in the city. Sunbathing, hiking, swimming, etc. are a few activities one can do while in the city.

Places to Visit

The city has plenty of tourist attractions including museums, parks, beaches, and art galleries that one will be able to visit during their stay here. The city has plenty of Gothic cathedrals, temples, and other locations students can go to. Each of the tourist attractions here will have its own historical or cultural importance. A few of the places one must visit during their stay here include-

Things to Do

Students will be able to participate in different outdoor activities during their stay here. They will be able to sunbathe or swim in the beaches here. They will also be able to walk in the parks, picnic in the gardens, or go hiking at different hiking trails in the city. Students will also be able to attend different festivals and events that are held in the city. A few of the activities one must do while in the city include-

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